Five Design Pitfalls to Avoid For a Bathroom Project

Designing a bathroom can be one of the most exciting moments, yet this can also present a set of challenges. A new installation is particularly exciting as it gives the owner the freedom to imagine and create something extraordinary. The design stage also presents a chance to incorporate all the cool technological solutions that make time in the bathroom relaxed and vibrant. This freedom and excitement may lead to making costly mistakes, worse if the space is shared.

That is why it is crucial to involve plumbing companies in Orem with your project. They have witnessed all these mistakes for a long time and can tell early if an idea is going to work or fail.

1. Overlooking the Basics

Plumbing is one of the basics of a bathroom project, the others being ventilation and electrical aspects. These factors may appear obvious, but any flaw in them will result in poor results. When it comes to ventilation, you have to bear in mind the danger of mold growth. Have you designed for ways to get rid of bathroom steam during winter? If you need ventilation fans, have you placed them correctly to take care of this problem? Focus your eyes on the big picture, even as you seek to modernize and customize your bathroom.

2. Being Too Unrealistic

Too much concentration on bathroom features can easily take to the direction of unrealistic design. Plumbing companies Orem have discovered that diverging from the budget is the easiest way to spoil the design. Having a little money on the side to cater for unexpected expenses is okay. However, avoid stretching the funds just to incorporate a complicated style. Plumbing may need a little tuning in the course of the project but stick to a budget adjustment of up to 20% only.

3. Wrong Choice Of Materials

couple looking at floor tile designsThe bathroom and kitchen do not have room for error when it comes to choosing materials. Slipperiness and humidity are second nature to this area. Choose the wrong material, and you either create a haven for mold or expose users to a falling hazard. No matter the style of tile you choose, make sure it is non-slip. Smooth tiles are a no-no in the bathroom, even around the bathroom. Prevent water damage by getting the plan right and using appropriate materials for walls and ceiling.

4. Not Considering Storage Areas

Conventionally, the bathroom is a simple area with minimal decorations if any. You look at the contents of the average bathroom and get a different picture: many items. Towels, toothbrushes and other baggage need space. Guests will also need their set of these items. Choose from the numerous storage options available in the market to take care of this essential need as you design.

5. Poor Choice Of Lighting

You may get all the above points right, but poor lighting can be the undoing of the design. The bathroom is where you shave, apply makeup and so forth. Adequate lighting is a necessity. Apart from ceiling lights, you may need to install task lighting. The choice of wall and ceiling color will also matter, with bright colors being preferable.


Designing a bathroom that suits your needs is a process that incorporates many factors. Avoiding these mistakes may mean staying off shortcuts or paying more, but all this is worth it, as you will get a bathroom that will stand the test of time.

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