For Busy Millennials: Diy Hacks for a Healthier You

Millennials like to consider themselves as the wellness generation. They spend their money on health and wellness and are very much willing to try alternative health-boosting methods. But despite their efforts in prioritizing health, many of them are still in bad health. Many of them spend hours each day working behind their computers and a few more hours on the internet. They are anxious and depressed, with many feeling burned out from their work, financial situation, and other responsibilities.

Millennials work hard not just to pay their dues, but to show other people they are not lazy and entitled as many people label them to be. The physical and mental stress of their daily lives along with the pressure to prove other generations wrong often takes a toll on their overall health. How can they take better care of themselves despite their hectic schedule?

Prioritize Preventive Home Maintenance

What does preventive home maintenance have to do with keeping yourself in good health? Know that your home can greatly affect your mood, health, and even your financial situation. With regular preventive home maintenance, you can have a trouble-free home, less financial stress, and improved physical health.

For starters, home inspections can help make sure your home is safe and has no contaminants that can cause long-term health risks to you and your family. You can easily detect if there are any pests inside the house and call an exterminator to get rid of these potential carriers of different diseases. This also helps pinpoint any home damages so you can act quickly, prevent these from getting worse, and enjoy better peace of mind.

Take time to clean, organize your home, and remove any unnecessary clutter out of your house. Clean air filters as often as necessary, prevent moisture from coming in, and test smock and carbon monoxide alarms regularly. Invest in natural cleaners, air purifiers, and HVAC maintenance.

With proper planning, you can tackle all these even with your busy schedule. You can also opt to outsource home services so you can let the pros handle some tasks for you.

Get Yourself a Workout Buddy

Regardless of your job, you need to get yourself moving. This can help physically release your stress, take your head off of things that make you feel negative emotions, and even gain more energy so you can stay productive and healthy. But what if you have no motivation and there are not enough hours in a day to insert an exercise regime?

Sometimes, the best way to keep yourself motivated to engage in physical activities is to get yourself a partner to exercise with you. Why not ask your sibling or friend to walk with you to the park, go on late afternoon jogs, enroll in a yoga class, or even run errands without taking your car? With a real workout buddy, you get to hone your social skills, get that sense of love and belongingness, and improve your physical, mental, and social health.

Practice Mindful Eating

Many people think eating at least one healthy meal a day is more than enough to get their daily dose of necessary nutrients. You may have no time to cook a decent meal each day, and thinks healthy food items are more expensive. But in reality, this is just a lie we tell ourselves to justify our unhealthy eating habits.

Can you recall what you ate for breakfast yesterday, how it tasted, how it felt in your mouth, and what feelings you had had while eating? Chances are, you already forgot because you were not paying attention to your food. If only you take time to practice mindful eating, your digestive system, your taste buds will thank you and you can achieve better health.

Take Time to Relax Before You Go to Bed

drinking tea

According to studies, many millennials are always exhausted but fail to fall asleep fast and stay asleep for the rest of the night. Most experts blame their dependence on technology. But what can millennials do get more restful sleep when their to-do list demands much of their waking hours?

Relaxing for half an hour can be enough to lull anyone to a deep and quality slumber. Instead of browsing on your phone before bedtime, consider a warm bath minus your gadgets. Light a candle if you want and use your favorite bath recipe.

Add two cups of Epsom salt to your bathtub and fill it with warm water. Avoid soaking for more than 20 minutes or else your skin will dry up. Do this about half to one hour before bedtime for better sleep.

If you really want to ensure your mind and body is as healthy as possible, make time for self-care. Practice mindful eating, better sleep hygiene, and staying active by tagging along with a buddy or two. Don’t forget to keep your home clean and healthy as your environment can impact your health in more ways than one. Doing these easy tips will help you achieve your health goals without taking much out of your already busy schedule.

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