Four Warm Advantages of Upgrading to an Electric Fireplace

A fireplace is a necessity during the cold season. It makes your living room cozier when the temperature outside drops and perhaps when you just want to make things more romantic in the living room. If you think you need to renovate your old outdated fireplace, consider upgrading to an electric one. Other than making your living or family room warmer and homelier, electric fireplaces provide some benefits you may not get from traditional versions. Here are some of the best things you can get when you upgrade to an electric fireplace.

1. Safer

The smell of smoke from the burning firewood bring back childhood memories of camping, but it’s not always good for everyone. With an electric fireplace, you’ll never have to worry about inhaling smoke and tainting home fabrics with that burnt smell. As there are no real flames, you can heat the room without producing dangerous fumes. In addition, the fireplace itself is cool to the touch – your curious little ones and the pets are welcome to come closer and marvel at the artificial dancing flame.

2. Less Maintenance

Burning firewood on traditional fire pits produces smoke and ash. These by-products go up your chimney and leave soot, which needs to be removed regularly to let the chimney function well and prevent damage. When you upgrade to an electric chimney, you’ll never have to call chimney cleaners or worry about the structure catching fire due to soot buildup. There is also no need to sweep and ash and pick up excess firewood as you won’t need any. To make the long story short, there’s zero maintenance.

3. Lower cost

Piggy bank, calculator and coinsConventional fireplaces can cost a huge amount to build and maintain while electric versions are a lot cheaper. The modern versions come in a wide variety of types, styles, and sizes – you can easily find a unit that best suits your budget and your family’s heating needs. Your savings don’t end there. You won’t need to spend on firewood, chimney repair or cleaning service.

Most importantly, you can also lower your energy bills during colder months. Electric fireplaces give you the benefit of supplemental heating, wherein the appliance efficiently warms up your living room without consuming a great deal of energy.

4. More stylish

Electric fireplaces come in a range of styles and designs to choose from. Dealers of electric fireplace in Utah offer different choices: classic traditional mantels, modern designs, corner units, wall-mount units, and units that you can incorporate with your existing living room features and appliances. With the plethora of options from different dealers, it’s easy to find one to match your taste and your existing home interiors.

These are the reasons more, and more homeowners choose electric fireplace over the old traditional version. If you’re planning to buy a unit for your home, go for a dealer that offers many options and complete service. A good supplier must provide quick and safe installation, as well as after-sale support and service. Find your new fireplace so you can get all the benefits mentioned above and have a good reason to hang out with the family tonight.

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