How Gifts Can Convey Your Affection amid a Health Crisis

It’s been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged and changed people’s ways of celebrating special occasions because of the gathering restrictions. Birthday celebrants throw an online party instead. Husbands and wives decide if they should try a new recipe to make their wedding anniversary dinner extra special or contact delivery. Brides and grooms opted to have a small, intimate ceremony instead of the original grand plans. Different events gave different scenarios.

If you happen to be that friend, family member, or special someone who cannot be there physically, you can still make your presence felt by sending the right presents. Thankfully, with the advancement in technology that brought online stores and unlimited deliveries into existence, you can now choose and order the perfect gift with one click.

Here are ideas that convey how much you wish to be with your loved ones and that you’re thinking of them.

1. Necklace

You can never go wrong with a timeless piece of jewelry. Necklaces are sentimental, fashionable, and can connect you instantly with your loved one. It is always a sweet and thoughtful gesture to gift a necklace since it is worn close to the heart. What makes it even more special is if it comes with something special that is significant to the person or has a special meaning for the two of you.


It can be a necklace with a letter pendant of their name or a locket necklace with a message or photo inside. It can be an object symbolic to the receiver. For example, suppose your loved one believes in being a mermaid who’s “not afraid of deep waters, but of shallow living.” She can be thrilled to receive a necklace with a mermaid pendant. Whenever you give a personalized necklace, that person takes a special meaning everywhere.

2. Personalized 3D Printed Item

The best thing about 3D printing is the endless possibilities of what can be printed. This idea is perfect for people who appreciate gifts exclusively made for them. Personalized gifts scream, “I know you so well,” and your friends and family will love you even more.

Think of gifting a child a three-dimensional sculpture of their handmade drawing. You turn their imagination into reality and immortalize it. Superheroes and anime enthusiasts will be beyond happy to have their favorite characters sculpted, printed, and painted. More and more items can be 3D printed now. You name it, and they can print it.

3. Subscription

By this time, everyone’s gotten used to staying home because everything can be found on the Internet. Everything can be delivered right at people’s doorsteps. How thoughtful would it be to give something that they can indulge in and enjoy any time every day? You can give movies and TV shows streaming subscriptions. You can talk about your favorites and suggestions as if you watched them together.

A game subscription would be so much fun, too. Whether your friend is a legit gamer or looking for a new hobby, playing together is an exciting way to bond. You can talk online as you play as teammates or opponents, and it feels like you’re sitting in one room. The more players involved, the better the experience can be. Gaming together can strengthen relationships, they say. In addition, playing games is a stress-reliever that can make you forget the surrounding chaos in the meantime.

There are many other gift subscriptions for every interest, such as skincare, art supplies, etc. Whichever your loved one prefers, they can surely thank you for it.

4. Plant


When the quarantine started, so are being a plant parent. When you give a plant as a gift, you give the person something new to look forward to each day. It’s exciting to see it grow, beautify the home, and give a sense of accomplishment when one can take good care of it. Also, there is something about having greenery at home that makes the ambiance feel calm. To make it more personal, you can choose a plant with symbolism that reminds you of the characteristics of the receiver or the fortunes that you wish for them.

5. Musical Instrument

Any music lover will love you for this; they might even dedicate the first song they play to you. For beginners, you allow them to tap into their potential by learning a new skill. They will forever remember you for it. A learned skill or a discovered talent is something no one can take away. Plus, there’s no better time for self-expression and singing your heart out than today.

6. Journal

Just like the musical instrument, journaling allows a person to express themselves. Jotting down your thoughts and putting all your feelings into words is mentally helpful in these difficult times. It can also be used for organizing ideas like something as simple as listing down grocery items.

You can choose a gratitude journal to help the person see the good every day, a creative journal that allows artistic expressions, or a blank one for free writing. Whatever kind of journal it is, giving one means giving importance to this person’s thoughts, dreams, and plans as much as they do. Amid the mental health issues today, there’s no better time to give this present.

Things may not have been the way they were planned to be, but people can still find ways to appreciate what they have and make the most out of these significant moments. After all, keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is the utmost priority in these trying times.

By giving well-thought-of presents, you can make your presence felt. You assure your loved ones that you may not be together physically, but you celebrate with them, and you want to see them happy. Then, when the time comes that you can finally bond in person, you will have many memories and stories to share as if you made them together.

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