Creating a Good Patient Attraction System for Your Dental Practice

Importance of being online

Everyone understands the importance of visiting the dentist on a regular basis and looking after the health of their teeth and gums. In the last few decades there has been an increase in demand for cosmetic dental treatment and with social media and selfies becoming an important part of daily life, everyone wants their smile to look perfect and is looking for ways to help this. As everything has moved online, so has the search for good dental care. There are few patients who will remain loyal to their regular dentist, otherwise most people are searching online for whiter, brighter and more beautiful smiles. Because of this there has now been a complete change in how successful marketing works.

Importance of dental marketing

Firstly a successful Dental Practice needs a modern, interesting and attractive website and a good online presence using different social media platforms and professionally written blogs with regards to the treatments and procedures available. The help of an award winning dental marketing team will take these complicated and often time-consuming technicalities out of your hands, allowing you to focus on your patients whilst the experienced marketing team use their knowledge and expertise to put together an excellent patient attraction system for the practice. The dental marketing team will individually tailor all of the above for the dental practice, creating a strong online presence which will target a wide audience and allow readers to search and find the dental practice quickly and easily and inform them of the treatments and procedures available and why this is the best dental practice for them.

What does a patient attraction system involve?

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The patient attraction system involves addressing all aspects of the Dental Practice by using the 7Ps of marketing as a template for the content of the website, social media pages and individually written articles and blogs. This begins with talking about the Profile of the dental practice and what makes it different from the competition by addressing it’s USPs and using this to create an eye-catching homepage, which will entice the reader to explore the website further. The People on the team and the Premises of the practice will be displayed in a friendly, comfortable and approachable manner to help reassure the reader that they are in good hands, especially those nervous patients who are the ones which will usually scrutinise the website before making any decisions about whether they want to visit or not. Offering competitive Prices for the treatments and procedures helps prevent the reader from browsing the competitors websites to look for a better deal, and when lower prices are not feasible, offering payment plans is a good way to encourage patients to enhance their general treatments by considering other cosmetic treatments and procedures as well. Other Ps of marketing which are used to attract patients is the Promises and Proof of good quality dental care and customer service. This is addressed by showcasing before and after pictures of successful treatments carried out at the practice throughout the website and including reviews wherever possible to help reassure the reader and encourage them to to book an appointment and find out for themselves what visiting the practice can do for their teeth. With the help of the dental marketing team, having a good patient attraction system in place will start increasing your patient numbers and filling up your appointment books very soon.

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