Growing Old, Dressing Gracefully

Growing old gracefully is an all-encompassing concept. From the inside to the outside, taking care of oneself as we grow older is important to stay healthy and enjoy the remaining years we have. One of the aspects often overlooked is one’s wardrobe and closet choices. Believe it or not, sensible clothing that also fits our personal standards of being well-dressed can contribute to our overall disposition.

Updating one’s wardrobe to keep up with how we evolve as people can also be symbolic because some items that have been in there might have to be let go. As we enter the sunset-year age, it’s vital to make changes to the closet not only according to our age but also to our ease and comfort. Being old doesn’t have to mean being out of style– it just means we have to choose better pieces that suit our lifestyle better. Think more of the functionality, but without having to sacrifice the forms, too.

Classic pieces last longer than trends.

We’ve all heard of the term “classic wardrobe staples,” and a common misconception with this is that “classic” is a kind of euphemism for “old.” But what makes an item a wardrobe a classic is how it will never go out of style, no matter which year you’re in. Classics are any person’s go-to pieces, and they can easily be mixed and matched with other clothes you have. A good example of this is a white button-down shirt or a well-fitting pair of trousers in a neutral color.

As we grow older, it’s wiser to own and wear clothes that offer longevity in terms of style and quality. Wardrobe staples can vary from generation to generation, but a common denominator is the ease they offer to mixing and matching them with things you already have. In our senior years, it’s best to leave most trends to the younger generations and stick to a few statement pieces that can give our classics a little more oomph. Trends come and go, but classics are forever.

Think of clothes you enjoy wearing the most. Do you currently enjoy wearing more layers of clothing, or are you partial to the ease that dresses and skirts offer? Focus on combinations of outfits that incorporate pieces you feel most comfortable in, and add a few fun accessories, like a scarf or a hat. Create reliable “uniforms” that you can spend less time thinking of; you’ve got more important things to do than worry about what to wear every day! Comfort creates confidence, after all.

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Dress for what your body needs now.

Growing older brings various changes to a body, so it’s important to remember these changes while updating our wardrobe. Most of the elderly at assisted living facilities are part of different programs to keep them as healthy and happy as possible to keep up with these changes, so it’s best to choose clothes that help as well. Elderly adults who have difficulty walking are best suited with clothing options that offer better mobility, like comfortable pants that are hemmed properly. A soft cardigan or pullover in a gorgeous color can provide warmth to seniors who get cold easily.

Assisted living facilities offer options to have professional aides for daily tasks for those who need them, so making assistance easier can also be something an updated wardrobe can do. Steer clear of clothes with many zippers as the fabric can snag and tear on them, and they can get stuck easily. Buttons could also be a problem for some due to them being too small to see or maneuver easily. When in doubt, clothing with garter and breathable fabric is best.

The clothes we wear can influence how we feel as much as they can convey it. For elderly folks, this fact still holds true, which is why making significant changes to the way one dresses up can still hold weight. You don’t have to be the most fashionable senior at the center, but it pays to feel good and confident in whatever you wear. Style has no age, so why should the younger ones have all the fun?

Looking snazzy while doing a crossword puzzle, playing bingo, or chatting with fellow seniors is absolutely doable. At the end of the day, more value has to be placed on the longevity of classic pieces and the comfort they offer. The true meaning of growing old gracefully is holistic, so if you’re feeling good, you will always look even better. Defining your own style has no limit, age included.

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