Habits that Cause Your Nose to Get Stuffed

One of the most hated things you have to deal with in life is having a stuffed nose. It can manifest in different ways. That may make you feel like there is something that blocks your nostrils when you breathe. Sometimes it makes your nose or throat itchy, and there are also times when you produce more mucous that you expect. Whatever your experience may be, it will definitely be annoying and uncomfortable. You would want to have a roll of tissue nearby just so that you can clean yourself up from all that constant sneezing.

If you have a stuffed nose often, you might want to check your habits or the environment you live in. There could be things that you are doing that is causing that to happen.

Shutting Doors and Windows

There are many particles outside that could give you an allergic reaction. Pollen is one of the biggest culprits of causing people to have rhinitis. It comes from plants or flower grains that get blown by the wind. So if you happen to be in a place where there is a lot of plant life, expect that to irritate you from morning up to noon.

Your immediate reaction to protect yourself from pollen could be to close your doors and windows. There is a reasonable logic for that as it lets things outside stay outside. That includes all of the dust and particles that could worsen your nasal dilemma. But the thing is, the stuff that you can catch indoors are just as worse.

Your house can be a haven of all sorts of dust and dirt that could invade your nostrils. Spiders can build cobwebs on the corners of your room. Those can have a stickiness to them that can attract all sorts of particles. If you have some stuck in your ceiling, those could drop down and float around your space, ready for you to inhale. Thick fabric like curtains can also get really dirty, so avoid to rustle them if you do not want to expose yourself to harmful particles. If you are in the process of changing and washing them, take them down and put them in a basket or a plastic bag right away. Do not let them lie on the floor or anywhere else out in the open and send them straight to the laundry area.

Reaching into the Deep Corners

Your house may be filled with many pieces of furniture. They could cover a lot of spaces, with some eventually becoming inaccessible to you. So even if you want to clean everything so badly, there are just some spots that you would not be able to because you could not reach them. While you may think that is okay since those are not visible anyway, that does not mean that they are not gathering all sorts of dirt and grime in there.

When you have your general house cleaning, you have to get into those hidden spaces. Move heavy furniture if you have to. Get into all those corners and wipe them off or use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate that unwelcome stuff.

You also have to check your appliances. Those that have moving parts could get real dirty too, and the only way to clean them up is to do some minor disassembly. You may need professional help with heavier equipment, such as your washing machine. It might need a dryer vent cleaning as that catches a lot of lint and other debris from the clothes and other stuff you put in it.

Once you finish the work around the house, you should have an easier time breathing until it all gets dirtied up again.

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Using Too Much Detergent

It never hurts to go overboard when it comes to cleaning your belongings. But in the case of washing your clothes, putting in too much detergent could be harmful to your body. Studies have shown that too much exposure to it could lead you to have serious respiratory problems like asthma. When your newly-washed fabrics have a strong scent of its detergent, you might want to try reducing the amount you use or choose something milder.

Dry Room

The humidity level can be a contributing factor in triggering reactions, allergic or otherwise, in people. Having too much moisture in the air makes little particles such as pollen stick to water droplets, which can then be inhaled by anyone. This will activate your body’s respiratory defense system, which will cause your lungs to tighten to block foreign matter or organisms from entering it. This will give you some difficulty in breathing.

On the other hand, having air that is too dry is not good for you either. Your lungs should maintain its moisture in its lining for it to function properly. Breathing in dry air could reduce that to harmful levels. That will cause it to operate in a reduced capacity, and it will make you feel like you always need to catch your breath.

These are things you should consider before blasting your air conditioner to freezing levels. While that can provide you relief during hot days, that might also harm your respiratory system. It would also be wise to have a humidifier in your room to retain some moisture in the air.

A stuffed nose may be common, but you do not have to suffer from it. There are things you can do to at least minimize the instances of when you experience it. You could be making some of these habits at home that can contribute to that problem. Just make a few adjustments, and you should be on your way to breathing better.

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