Home Away from Home: How Our Environment Affects Us

Memories are pretty much what makes us who we are today. The things we experience in our everyday lives all have their own purpose. At times, it gives us happy thoughts. Or it may also leave us with lessons.

And usually, most of these happen in our homes. This is a place that reflects our life’s stories, especially if you’ve been living in the same house ever since you were young. This is where you had the chance to grow from a little kid to an adult facing the everyday challenges of the real world.

However, in our society today, some of us are becoming more mobile. Whether it’s because of personal or job-related reasons, they might find themselves losing attachment. So, how can one prevent this from happening?

Serves as a Reflection

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Whenever you go to someone’s house for the first time, don’t you have this tendency to ask a bunch of questions? May it be the random things they have hanging on their walls or the frames near the television, and all that. It’s like we’re getting to know that person all over again.

This is because we, as humans, can only remember so much. With the many memories we have, some will fade over time. So these physical possessions are what helps us keep those significant moments. Like how animals tend to mark their territories, we place stuff in our homes to give it an identity. To show others that, yes, this is my place, and this is who I really am.

And of course, another important thing that our homes provide us with is freedom. Here, we get to be ourselves, no judgments. Having your own space allows you to breathe and step away from the world for a while.

We also develop a sense of familiarity, which is great for our well-being. You’ll feel comfortable because you know your way around the house. Not only that but knowing the people around your neighborhood also helps.

Take It with You

But no one can control the future. And at times, you might need to make decisions that would change your living arrangements. You might be residing in Denver, but you suddenly got a job opportunity in Los Angeles. Or you’re about to get married and would want to have a new home for you and your future family.

Items With Sentimental Values

One of the most common things that one would do is to bring items with the most sentimental value. It may be a stuffed toy given on your 7th birthday or your favorite Christmas sweater. There are many things that we grew attached to over the years.

But keep in mind that you don’t need to bring everything you have in your house. Because at the same time, you would also want to have a fresh start. Leave enough space in your new home to create new memories.

Your Own Identity

And of course, before moving to a different place, you’d want to see your options. You should look for places that you know you’d feel comfortable in. Something that would make you feel at home.

For some, they may choose to live in apartments because it’s easier to maintain. Others may choose to buy or build their own house, especially for the ones who plan on having a family.

Building a new home allows you to add your own flair as well. Many design-build firms can help turn your ideas into reality. From conceptualizing to the actual building process, you get to have a say in what it would look like. In that way, you’ll be able to have a home away from home.


Feeling homesick is normal, especially during the first few weeks. This is why you can also try including your previous routines into your new lifestyle. It may be a different environment, but you can still do the things you used to. You may have grown up planting fruits in the backyard with your mom, so go and do that in your new home as well.

Or you’re the type of person who spends their free time exercising with their siblings. So, you can call them and have virtual workout sessions. There are many videos you can watch online so that you’ll have a guide.

If it’s the weekend and you plan on going to the mall, you can give your friends a call. They may be far away, but don’t allow that to stop you from spending time together.

Brings You Back

We may not always remember every little detail in our lives, and that’s fine. This is why there are things and people around us that help us maintain our identities, from our houses to our families and friends. No matter where we may be, having a piece of our memories will always bring us back home.

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