How Much Should You Pay a Professional Tiler

A professional tiler may seem like an additional expense, but it’s important for any bathroom or kitchen floor renovation especially if you want to use a tile leveling system for the project. The usual cost of hiring a flooring expert ranges between $35 per square meter and $150 per square meter, but the actual rate partly depends on where you live in Australia.

A licensed tiler may charge more for their services like those in New South Wales, where each contractor must have one. In other parts of the country, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to hire a licensed professional.

What You Get from Hiring an Expert

Once you decide to hire a professional, you’re not only paying them to do the work and spare you the effort of doing it by yourself. Most licensed contractors are well-connected to tile suppliers, which would be useful for those who need custom products or materials. The same applies to businesses and offices that renovate their flooring, as some suppliers probably give discounts to affiliated professionals for bigger projects.

Another intangible benefit involves a quicker turnaround for the renovation, unlike a DIY project that may take longer to complete without expert help. If you’re a busy person or simply want to spend time on other things, hiring a contractor is always the better choice.

Cost of Materials

man installing tilesYou could still choose to buy your own materials, and this requires some research on your part. The cost varies where you need to install the tiles. White ceramic wall tiles cost from $20 per square meter to $28 per square meter.

More expensive choices include steel grey polished porcelain and handmade subway tiles, which cost $68 per square meter and $86 per square meter, respectively. On the other hand, floor tiles range from $35 per square meter to $130 per square meter also depending on the type.

Basic ceramic or porcelain are among the cheapest, while natural stone is on the high-end price. More expensive tiles don’t always mean better, but it’s practical to spend as much as you can on the material since you get what you pay for in the end.

Cost of Labor

Some professionals may include the price of removing old tiles and installing new ones on their fees, while others may only agree to the inclusion of sealing and waterproofing among other post-installation work. Hence, you need to reach a definite agreement on the coverage of each project.

Different parts of the house require different kinds of work. For instance, bathrooms and kitchen need to be non-slip, sealed and waterproof. Bedrooms and living rooms may not require all of these extras, so the cost of installation may not be as expensive.

Ask for as many quotes as possible from different tilers before making a decision. Remember to have an itemized quote in writing for the entire work, particularly if you plan a large renovation. You could save money instead of paying a contractor by the hour.

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