How Much Should You Spend on Installing Tankless Heaters in Salt Lake?

Homeowners should expect to spend between $433 and $1,445 for a professional tankless water heater installation in Salt Lake City, Utah. The typical range is cheaper when compared to the national average for 2019.

Most people in the city spend almost $940 to install a tankless heater. By contrast, the U.S. average for the same installation costs up to $2,900. The actual rate for your home will vary based on factors such as cost of labor, type of heater and your choice of fuel. Natural gas and electric heaters comprise the two most common types for residences.

Estimating the Expenses

Most contractors will quote a fee based on the price of materials and equipment for installation. Quotes also include the fee for surface preparation and cleanup after completing the job. You should aim to consult at least three different contractors to compare the best rates. If you plan to hire a general contractor, the total rate for installing a tankless heater may increase by at least $113 up to $141.

Don’t forget to ask about the contractor’s payment system. Some may charge by the hour, which may cost from $45 to $150, while others charge a flat fee even if they installed the heater in less than an hour. Those who need to replace an existing heater will spend more than the average cost for removing the disposing of the old unit.

How to Choose a System

If there isn’t a huge demand for hot water in your house, you can choose to install an electric and point-of-use model under the sink. These types usually take two hours for installation, but you’ll need to look for a plumber with specific skills on installing electric heaters that usually cost from $800 to $1,500. Electric heaters are cheap, but you need to control usage to avoid expensive monthly utility bills.

On the other hand, gas-fired tankless heaters range between $1,000 and $1,500. You’ll need to be near a utility pipeline when you choose a natural gas heater. Natural gas requires a higher upfront cost, but it’s less expensive to use than electric heaters over the long term. You can try to install a hybrid system consisting of a solar-powered heater with either a gas or electric unit. By doing so, you can be eligible for a 30% federal tax credit if you choose to own an Energy Star-rated appliance.

Care and Maintenance

tankless heater

When maintained properly, a tankless water heater may last for at least 20 years. Hire a plumber to inspect the unit at least once every year to prolong its lifespan. If you use a gas heater, don’t convert an existing tankless heater to propane. This might void the warranty and even damage the original functionality of the unit.


A tankless water heater installation worth below $500 may only work for small families. Bigger households generally have a larger demand for hot water, so you should estimate your expenses to cost more than $1,000. Take advantage of incentives to install energy-efficient ones to reduce the overall price.

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