How to Cut Down Your Electricity Bill During Summer

It’s almost summer once again, and everyone’s beginning to plan their beach trips and summer activities. Many people have a love-hate relationship with summer. They love it because it’s time to enjoy the outdoors and have fun. But they can also dislike it to a degree because of the intense heat it brings, which is often unbearable.

As fun as it is to play outside, lounge by the pool, and take a dip in the sea, it’s also tempting to stay in your Salt Lake City home and enjoy the coolness of your air-conditioning unit. Often, this is the reason electric bills seem to ramp up during the summer season. But there are ways you can reduce your power consumption while still staying relaxed and comfortable during the hottest season of the year. Another thing you can do, is look for cheap electricity rates in houston and potentially switch to a better provider.

Upgrade your thermostat

Upgrading your thermostat and air conditioning unit might seem like an extra expense you’re not willing to make. But think about it for a second, and imagine how much energy you’re saving by getting a more efficient cooling unit. A thermostat charges cooling costs for every decrease in the degree of temperature. Turning it up one degree can save you four to eight percent of cooling costs.

You might also want to consider getting a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to set the time it should turn on or off. That way, you can shut it down at a certain point of the day or while you’re away or asleep, saving a ton of electricity. Plus, you’re eliminating the hassle of having to turn it on and off periodically.

Check your walls, windows, and doors

You might not notice it, but cracks, leaks, and other openings can be the reason your home is not getting cold enough. They make it possible for air to leak, inviting hot air in and allowing cold air to escape. To maximize the use of your air conditioning unit and thermostat, check for any cracks or openings in your home. Inspect your walls, windows, doors, and other critical areas. If you notice any opening, have them sealed or repaired immediately.

Invest in high-quality blinds or drapes

living room interior

Curtains, blinds, or drapes are not only there to decorate your homes or to increase your privacy. They also offer sufficient protection from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, as well as blocking the scorching heat from entering your home. Investing in high-quality blinds or drapes is the most cost-effective way to prevent the outside heat from entering your room. They can reduce heat up to 33 to 45 percent, enabling you to maximize your cooling units.

Decorate your home with plants and greenery

You’ve probably seen homes that have tons of indoor plants. Sure, they give a very aesthetic and comfy vibe to space, but they serve a bigger purpose. Plants and greenery can improve the quality of air in a room and provide shade, therefore reducing the temperature. This is beneficial, especially during the summer season when the sun is up and emitting heat outside. Do your research on the best cooling plants and decorate your homes with them. Put them near the window, so they can assist in bouncing off heat.

An expensive electric bill can immediately turn a fun-filled summer to a stressful one. Take these tips to save energy and prevent costly bills from ruining the joy of the summer season.

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