How to Make Moon Water and What You Get From It

Energy is all around you. The flow of this energy is generally steered by the Moon, which influences you as a spiritual being. The Moon holds such sway over you because it is the closest astronomical body to Earth. Its gravitational pull can put you in a good mood one day and in near tears the next. In extreme cases, the Moon could even drive one to lunacy — as in “moonstruck.”

But there is a way to harness the Moon’s energy to your favor: (full or new) moon rituals. An easy one is making moon water.

If you’re new to the whole idea of energy and lunar cycles, learn about moon water first before finding out how to make moon water.

What is Moon Water?

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Moon water is water in a glass bottle or jar that has been exposed to moonlight. You use drinking water — if you intend to drink it after, or fresh rainwater. The origin of the practice is said to have come from the 1800s, reportedly from witchcraft to cast love spells, cleanse magic tools or be added to a full moon bath.

Moon water is meant to harness the power of the moon over your spiritual side; this kinetic energy allows you tap into your intuitive self, helping you cleanse, manifest and attract.

So why is water used for this moonlit ritual?

Ocean tides move according to the Moon. Its gravitational pull commands the rise and fall of tides, which occur every 12 hours. So a connection is established between water and the heavenly body, giving birth to what is the moon water.

Today, this lunar-powered water may not be used for love spells as much as they are used for cleansing rituals.

But first, how do you make moon water?

How to Make Moon Water

Moon water with crystals the full moon - WITHOUT CRYSTAL
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You’ll want to start by getting all of your tools together.

What you’ll need:

  • A clear, glass container or jar
  • Incense or cleansing herbs, like lavender or sweetgrass
  • Water from your tap or from fresh rainwater
  • Crystals that are safe in water, like citrine, rose quartz or amethyst

Warning: Some crystals are not safe in water and may be toxic, like malachite. So make sure you’ve read up on the crystal you want to place in your moon water before doing so.

 What you’ll do:

  1. Cleanse your glass container with incense or by burning your preferred herbs. Lavender is good for healing and relaxation whereas sweetgrass helps with positive energy.
  2. Add your chosen water-safe crystals, which will depend on your intention: protection, love, cleansing, etc.
  3. Fill the container with water. If you plan on drinking your moon water, make sure it’s safe to do so. Keep it clean with a lid.
  4. Go over your intentions. You can place your palm over the container and visualize the Moon’s energy moving through you, from the crown to the feet. Then, focus on your intentions and take a moment to say your gratitude to the universe.
  5. Place your container outside where the Moon’s energy can bathe it. You can place it on your porch, near the window, in the middle of your garden if moonlight hits it.
  6. Pick it up the next morning and use as you intend.

The same sort of steps and tools (or ingredients) will work for moon water during a full moon, new moon, first quarter moon. Most people will make their moon water on a full moon because it is the most powerful of all the lunar phases.

You’ll want to make yours when the moon phase is perfect for your intention:

  • New moon

To set beginnings—a job, a project, a new life in another city, a recent marriage

  • Full moon

To manifest power and success; to let go of what no longer helps you

  • First quarter moon

Supposedly the moon for fertility spells; remove obstacles, take action

What are the Uses for Moon Water?

Full Moon Bath Ritual
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Moon water has modern uses other than cleansing “magic” tools and mixing it in your baths.

The following are just some of the creative things you can do with your full or new moon water.

  • Cleanse parts of your home by spraying it with moon water to imbue the place with positive and peaceful energy.
  • Spray some on your pillow and bed to prompt psychic dreams.
  • Nourish house plants and revitalize them with a splash of the lunar-powered water
  • Use it as a refreshing drink with a slice of lemon or cucumber — or any of your preferred fruit. You can even add a bit honey if you have a sweet tooth.
  • If you want a cold herbal tea, add some to an ice tray and you’ll have moon water cubes to mix in your drink. Alternatively, you could it drink it hot if the weather is cool and you want to relax in your chair with a cuppa.
  • Place some of your moon water in a small spray bottle to spritz on when you want to revitalize your face or your whole body. If you don’t have a bathtub for those moon baths, a moon water spritz would be the next best thing.
  • You can add moon water in your diffuser; the mix of essential oils lunar-powered water would enhance your aromatherapy experience.

When you want to set intentions as a way to start fresh or when you need to introduce positive energy into your life, making new or full moon water is a good tool.

What if you don’t want to wait overnight for the full moon or new moon to energize your water?

New Moon or Full Moon Rituals

phases of the moon
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Not all moon rituals have to involve water. Many can be as simple as taking the time for yourself, to be calm and peaceful — and prepare to:

  • Light a candle and focus on what you want to let go; visualize if you must. Then, think about what you want to attract.
  • Meditate. You can play soothing music or a Tibetan bell in the background. Follow the rhythms and breathe deeply. Stay present in the moment, focusing on the sounds and textures of your surroundings.
  • Clean your home. Clear your living space of clutter on a full moon, so you release of what isn’t needed in your life and make way for what will come.
  • Combine the lighting of a candle and listing of your intentions. Focus on what you need in your life right now; it could be stronger family ties or self-confidence to gain success. List them on a paper and place them in a box to set outside and soak up the moonlight.

Full moon rituals or new moon rituals will allow you to tap into that powerful energy that could change the way you live your life. So get cracking. Look up the dates when the moon is going to be at its most potent, and practice what you’ve learned here about how to make moon water.

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