How to Maximise a Shoebox Apartment

Among the housing trends in recent years, tiny living is perhaps the most prevalent. Several home buyers in the U.S. and Australia have opted for tiny homes. While in Singapore, shoebox apartments are all the rage. Because of their growing popularity, living small has never been easier. Check out these suggestions to make the most out of your tiny home:

Get Compact Furniture

Look for multifunctional furniture in the many stores in Singapore such as sofa beds and coffee tables with storage compartments. They will allow you to maximise your square footage and minimise litter. Instead of bumping into your desk each time you move around, you can fold it up and get instant breathing room. If you work at home, you can keep your wires and pens inside the table when you’re off the clock. It’s especially useful if you have kids so that you can keep their toys hidden when not in use.

If you can, replace your hinged doors with sliding ones for more space for your things. You can also choose to get stackable chairs for your dining area and a foldable work desk. Another option is to install hanging or floating shelves instead of standing ones.

Cover up Your Walls

painting wall

The right shade can change the entire feel of a home. Even if your flat lacks architectural elements, you can use paint to achieve a similar effect. For example, you can change the colour behind your TV to something darker for the illusion of depth. You can also paint the bottom half of your walls a lighter shade so that it will look like it has panelling. If your apartment is just one open space, you can use a different paint for each room for division.

If you’re up for something more adventurous, you can incorporate wallpaper. Apply wallpaper with patterns in strategic areas for a pop of colour. These areas include the space behind an open shelf or your television.

Let There Be Light

The right lighting can transform any space into something vibrant and cosy. First, you must make the most out of all the natural light that comes into your flat. The oldest trick in the book is to use mirrors. But don’t just use any regular mirror. It’s best to select one with a nice frame to create texture. Next, avoid using dark and heavy curtains that would block out the sunlight even when it’s open. Choose cotton or sheer drapery to allow light in while still maintaining privacy. Finally, use artificial lights to illuminate and decorate.

For living rooms or dining rooms, you can use a chandelier or any other statement light fixture. This will make your room look taller than it really is. For your bedroom, you can select mounted lights instead of lamps to maximise your floor area.

While homes get smaller and more compact, there are ways you can still live big. You don’t have to sacrifice style or function to get a comfortable home for you and your family. Although you have to declutter from time to time, you can still get everything you need out of a small apartment.

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