How to Peacefully Recover from a Crisis

People are not robots. Most of life can be counted as a cycle where sometimes you are your best self, while other times you are in the pits, especially when you are dealing with a painful loss or personal crisis.

And when it’s not always on the table to take a short break in Bath or elsewhere, the feeling of being stuck can perpetuate itself. Some people can afford to go on big vacations and still come back with a job. But for the rest of us, it’s not that easy.

Here are some ways you can get by until you get the next long weekend or holiday to help you recharge more completely:

1. Surround yourself with positive people

Feeding an already negative mindset with additional negative input will only lead you to spiral downwards. Treat it the way you do the dust or sand in the water on a beach when you step on it. The dust eventually settles back to the ground, and it gives more clarity to your vision.

Wait for that moment of clarity. But get yourself in the positive frequency by going with people who are good natured and not going to pile on the poison that is threatening to eat up your focus completely.

2. Find a replacement activity for worrying

Some people put a rubber band or some form of a bracelet that they can pull and snap back to their arm when they start worrying. This replacement activity disrupts the worrying process that cements itself as a neural pathway in your brain. Interrupting the worry cycle and redirecting that mental energy to another thing can help alleviate the pain a little.

3. Seek professional help

Worried man talking to a therapist

Some funks take longer to heal. Some forms of sadness are clinically diagnosed and require medication. This very dark mental condition is misunderstood and stigmatized, but it’s just as real as diabetes, hypertension or other problematic illnesses. It’s not a shameful thing to seek the help of a therapist to sort out issues especially if you have been through a crisis.

4. Have daily mantras

Simple statements like I am enough, I will pull through, and so on can be messages written on the wall of your bedroom when you wake up. You feel low now, but it does not mean you will sink yourself at the bottom forever. Find ways to remind yourself of these tiny mantras throughout the day.

5. Make plans and be gentle with yourself

People who feel low often sink in despair and find it hard to make plans because they feel that their future is bleak. So get a calendar. It can be as small as setting a lunch date with a friend seven days from now.

Just make a plan no matter how small. It somehow communicates in your subconscious that you are looking at a better tomorrow instead of not making plans and living only for today.

Life is a very beautiful experience. But like the colours of a painting, it has dark and light patches that make for the overall variety and excitement of it. Don’t let the dark patches get you down permanently and pull through. You can make it.

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