How to Turn a Hobby Into a Lucrative Diversion

YouTube generates more than 1.8 billion users monthly, making it as Google’s most popular service. The video streaming platform is almost as big as Facebook, which has over 2 billion users. Looking at this number, no wonder video blogging or “vlogging” is such a big hit today.

Several Internet stars have gained fame and fortune through YouTube by gaining millions of subscribers, including PewDiePie (69.3 million subscribers), Dude Perfect (36.1 million subscribers), and HolaSoyGerman (34.8 million subscribers) to name a few.

But not everyone who enjoys vlogging as a hobby can make it big. You need to plan for your vlogs and how you’re going to present them because you’re not just doing it for your leisure. You have an audience to guide now, whether you’re talking about fashion or travel, and you need to meet their needs.

Invest in High-Quality Equipment

Most vloggers on YouTube simply talk in front of their camera. It may look simple, but it involves a lot of processes and equipment. Using your iPhone can be a good way to start your vlog. It has a decent camera and audio quality. You should also find a spot in your home that provides sufficient lighting.

Although these tools are perfectly fine, investing in high-end equipment can boost the quality of your videos. Purchase an SLR camera that is ideal for filming. Cameras have different specs and price range. It’s ideal to choose one where you can connect an external microphone for clear audio.

You may also purchase other accessories that can streamline your filming process. A tripod and a gimbal are worthy investments as they give your camera support while you’re recording. When it comes to lighting, you can stick with natural light or buy a lighting kit for consistent quality.

Working with a video production team is another way to upgrade your vlogs. They can help you with the planning process, filming, and even editing your content.

Your Content is Everything

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Content plays a vital role in achieving success in vlogging. Like in traditional blogging, what you upload on your channel should be engaging and interesting to inspire your viewers to finish watching your videos.

Start with identifying your niche. If you’re a fashion vlogger, for example, maybe try a series on “styles for travelers.” Open your videos with an attention-grabbing hook to convince your viewers to stay until the end.

It’s necessary to post videos multiple times a week because it helps you perform better and get more recommended views. This contributes to growing your subscribers, too. Plot a regular posting schedule to manage your YouTube channel properly.

Make a Living on YouTube

YouTube offers amazing opportunities for creative individuals. It can be your way to showcase your talents and skills in any form. This platform can also be a great source of income.

You can earn money on YouTube either via the number of ad views or the number of ad clicks. Some think that YouTube creators earn money based on the number of views their channel gets. This metric, however, is not accurate due to several factors.

The more ad clicks your channel gets, the higher the revenue you receive. But ad skipping can reduce your revenue because YouTube doesn’t count skipped ads as a view. The content of a video also plays on your earning since there are topics that reach more audiences than others.

Video blogging can be worthwhile, financially speaking. But you need to get ahead of the competition to achieve a successful YouTube channel. Remember to be creative, unique, and confident, and you might just discover that your engaging hobby could mean lucrative earnings as well.

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