How Can You Improve Your Senses?

Your five senses can help you to appreciate the world around you, as well as keep you safe. Some things in your life may be damaging them, so you may need to look into your lifestyle choices and habits to figure out healthier options. Although it’s possible for other senses to overcompensate for any that are damaged, it can be far better to instead take care of them in the first place. So you can enjoy all that life has to offer.

Let’s explore how you can make the most of your touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing by doing the following:

Wear Your Glasses

When your eye doctor has given you a prescription for your sight, it’s usually best to follow their instructions. This can sometimes involve the use of glasses or contact lenses. Not only will these help your vision to become clearer, but they can also minimize the likelihood of migraines occurring as a result of frequent eye strain.

Wearing a set of frames isn’t enough, however. You also should ensure they are correctly measured and created, to optimize your sight. When placing your order, measure your PD (pupillary distance) several times to ensure your measurements are correct, as well as any other facial measurements required so they fit correctly, and the lens will be in the right place.

Your sight is vital in everyday life. It can sometimes be tricky and expensive to rectify once it worsens, so do your best not to unnecessarily strain your vision. If you have been prescribed glasses, ensure that you wear them and see an optician annually.

Quit Smoking

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Smoking can dull several of the senses, as well as lead to long-term health conditions. You may find that, over time, your ability to smell the cigarette smoke lessens. Other smells may also not be as strong.

A number of people also notice a change in their taste buds. On quitting smoking, you may notice that food is far more enjoyable, because some of the damage has been reversed. This can also help reduce the likelihood of early-onset cataracts.

Smoking can be a very expensive habit, but also one that is difficult to break. You may meet with a higher level of success in quitting by utilizing the support of smoking cessation services. This is just one of the benefits to consider by quitting. Your overall health will likely see great improvements after a few months of smoke-free living.

Avoid loud noises

From excessively loud music, to workplace machinery, loud noises can cause a lot of damage to the ears. For some, this damage may only be temporary, such as hearing a buzzing or ringing. Getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated can help to expedite the healing process.

But frequent exposure can lead to permanent problems with one’s hearing. This may require the use of hearing aids, which can affect your confidence. To prevent this from occurring, avoid listening to music or the television at high levels, including when using earphones. For your home, install soundproofing measures. When it comes to the workplace, get a good quality set of ear defenders to help protect your ears from permanent, irreversible damage.

Look after yourself

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The best way to preserve and enhance your senses is to look after yourself.

Avoid excess that can lead to damage in the long term. This includes listening to music too loud in your earphones leading to impaired hearing, eating food that is too hot or spicy, which would impact your tastebuds, straining your eyes by staring at digital screens too long or reading in the dark etc. These are just the basics and the list of examples could go on forever.

By looking after yourself, you look after your senses.

Be present

By taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life once in a while, focusing on our surroundings, we can really appreciate our senses more. For example, you can practice a technique called “grounding.”

Grounding entails you noting five things you can see, four you can hear, three you can feel, two you can smell and one you can taste. It is a great way to make you feel calm and relaxed, appreciating what is around you. It’s so easy for our thoughts to unravel when we’re stressed or busy, so taking a minute out of each day to practice this technique can be a really healthy thing to clear your mind and improve your senses.

The senses of touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing will benefit you when navigating life. By taking steps to reduce any toxic habits, you can help them to function properly for longer. Although some reduction may be normal as you age, you may want to consider shirking any habits that may cause them to deteriorate before their time.

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