Interiors: How to Maximize a Small Living Room

Designing any small living space can be quite tricky, but if there’s any area in a small home that presents some unique designing challenges, it’s the living room. The living room is the busiest room in most homes, and the one that most you and your guests spend the most time in. Because of this, you have to make sure your tiny space is as roomy as possible, while also having enough furniture for you and your guests.

Whether you’ve got yourself a studio or a 1-bedroom apartment for rent, the following are some practical tips to make the most out of your small living room.

Decorate with a large rug

A large rug can trick you into thinking your living room is much bigger than it really is. A bold, striking rug can draw attention to one area while making the rest of the space look elongated and spacious. Smaller rugs, on the other hand, break up the harmony of the space and emphasize the size of the room.

Let in as much natural light as possible

No matter how much space you have, shrouding in darkness will make it look cramped and congested. Natural light can make an otherwise dreary space feel breezy, open, and airy. If you have natural light flooding in through your windows, avoid obstructing it with furniture or thick, dark curtains. Move your furniture away from sources of natural light and opt for more delicate fabrics with lighter shades instead. Longer, draped curtains can also give off the illusion of higher walls and more open space.

Install suspended furniture

Free up tons of floor space by installing suspended furniture wherever possible. This type of installation method is most commonly used for shelves and staircases, but you can also install floating cabinets, vanities, desks, nightstands, and more. All you need to do is set it up on your wall rather than your floor. This is a great way to make room for storage space and extra furniture.

Make the space feel inviting

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If there’s not enough room to put in more furniture in your living room and it’s looking a little sparse, decorate with cozy and inviting accents to make it feel more lived-in and comfortable. Plush rugs, luxurious throw pillows, and interesting accent artwork are small details that can make your room feel less empty without taking up too much space.

Choose multi-purpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is pretty self-explanatory. They’re pieces of furniture that can function as other furniture which means you won’t need to take up space with more things but still have everything you need. Some examples of these include a Murphy bed (also called a pull-down bed), sofa beds, nesting tables, daybeds that also double as storage space, and more.

Make use of mirrors

Mirrors can reflect both artificial and natural light to make a room appear much brighter and larger than it really is. When you position them a certain way, they also give off the illusion of depth. Tall mirrors, uniquely-shaped mirrors, and mirrors placed close to windows and sources of light are great for making your living room look spacious and open.

Even small spaces can make a big impact with some clever design hacks. Keep these tips in mind when designing your living room so you can make the most out of your small space.

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