Is Vitamin E Oil Good for Your Eyelashes?

Eyelashes, or lashes as they are sometimes called, serve a vital purpose. Growing in single layers on both eyelids, these hairs protect your eyes from dirt and tiny particles. In addition to providing defense for your peepers, eyelashes act like whiskers on cats and mice—they’re sensitive to touch so that when something nears the eye, it reacts reflexively by quickly closing shut.

Everyone dreams of having those alluring, long lashes that capture attention. You no longer need to resort to false eyeliner and eyelashes! Using vitamin E oil for eyelashes is one way to promote their growth, making them thicker and longer.

What is Vitamin E Oil?

Vitamin E has been a treasured ally in dermatology for over half a century and is the star of many cosmetic products. This vital fat-soluble antioxidant defends skin from excessive sun exposure by neutralizing free radicals, boasting antitumorigenic and photoprotective properties – as evidenced by experimental studies. Despite its long history in skincare, people still need adequate controlled clinical trials that give them clear instructions on dosage amounts and the appropriate conditions where vitamin E should be used therapeutically.

Transform your skin with Vitamin E oil! This luxurious moisturizer works by replenishing the vital vitamin E in your body, which aids multiple systems and cells. For best results, apply as directed on the label. With regular use of Vitamin E oil, you’ll notice a visible difference in nourished, healthy-looking skin.

Is Vitamin E Oil Good for Your Eyelashes?

UV lights and sun exposure slowly damage the skin cells. People take vitamin E because it may benefit skin and hair regeneration. While vitamin E may help with the digestive and cardiovascular systems, most use it for external purposes, so vitamin E oil and creams are available for topical use. You can also find cosmetic products like lotion, sunscreen, and makeup fortified with vitamin E.

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Vitamin E oil is a topical form of vitamin E derived from naturally vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables like avocados, almonds, and sweet potatoes. It is believed to make skin look younger due to its possible cell regeneration benefits. So when vitamin E is applied to the skin, it’s believed that the hair follicles also benefit from cell regeneration, and thus grow stronger and longer. When used consistently, it can make your eyelashes appear thicker, longer, and healthier. It can be applied along with other cosmetic products and other skin-enhancing ingredients.

Applying Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is very thick and can either be used on its own (it won’t clog pores despite its consistency) or can be vitamin E oil mixed with other oils like vaseline, coconut oil, or jojoba oil for a thinner moisturizer-like consistency. Make sure your lashes are free of makeup, so do this after showering or washing your face. Alternatively, you can also remove makeup with makeup remover or other alternatives. Using a medicine dropper (or a wand or applicator provided most vitamin E oil bottles), apply a thin layer on your top lash line.

It’s best to apply this before going to bed especially if you’re using it with its thick consistency. Wait at least 20 minutes before laying down to prevent the oil from transferring to your pillow. If you try using it in the morning, you may have a difficult time applying mascara or other eye makeup products. This method works for both women and men who want long eyelashes. You may start to see results after two to four weeks, but keep in mind that you’ll have to be consistent in putting vitamin E oil at least three to four times a week. One missed week can completely slow down and hinder your results.

Benefits of Vitamin E Oil

Aside from longer eyelashes, vitamin E oil has anti-aging and skin conditioning properties. This can help with hyperpigmentation (if used together with vitamin C), wrinkles, aging, acne scars, and chapped lips.

However, it’s best to first test out a small sample of vitamin E oil on your skin before placing it on your eyelashes as you may have allergies to it. If you’re prone to pimple breakouts or pore clogging, vitamin E oil can make it worse. Visit a local dermatologist to treat your skin conditions first or see if it’s safe for you to put vitamin E oil on despite your allergies.

Where to Buy Vitamin E Oil

You can normally find vitamin E oil in your local drugstores, pharmacies, cosmetic stores, beauty supply stores, supermarkets, and groceries. If you can’t find it in any physical store, you can find it on online stores like Amazon. Some vitamin E oil products come in purely vitamin E bottles, while others are mixed with other oils and scents. Vitamin E oil costs between $10 to $20, depending on the brand, bottle size, and additional ingredients.

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If you’re still uncertain about trying vitamin E oil on your eyelashes, the best thing to do is consult your dermatologist to find out more. They can tell you if your skin and lashes have any condition that could hinder vitamin E oil from speeding up lash growth.

Amazing Benefits Of Vitamin E Oil For Eyelashes

For longer, stronger lashes, vitamin E oil is your secret weapon! Each night before bed, apply the oil to your eyelashes – no side effects and tailored to fit your needs. You can also mix Vitamin E with coconut oil for enhanced growth and resilience. Wash off in the morning and watch as you have dramatically healthier-looking lashes!

Encourages Healthy Growth

Vitamin E has the potential to not only improve your eyelash growth but also slow down signs of aging, hydrate, and increase lash strength while promoting healthy skin. Despite its positive characteristics, please remember that some people are allergic to vitamin E oil and should always apply a little amount on their skin before using it around the eyes—to be extra safe, visit a dermatologist just in case!

Promotes Eyelash Growth

For ravishing, longer eyelashes, try using vitamin E oil! Before dozing off each night, apply it to your lashes, and you’ll awake the next day with noticeably healthier hair follicles. It is recommended that this process happens three or four times a week as there are no harsh side effects associated with its usage – only enhanced growth of your eyelashes. Use natural Vitamin E oil in combination with carrier oils such as castor and coconut before brushing it on the lash bed area through a mascara wand for maximum benefits!

Protects From UV Rays

Eyelash hair is at risk of damage when exposed to UV light or the sun’s rays. To combat this, many people apply vitamin E oil topically for faster hair growth and protection from harmful UV radiation. Combined with vitamin C, these oils become a potent remedy for hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, aged skin, and acne scars! Vitamin E can even be found in certain serums meant specifically for rapid eyelash growth, which explains why it’s a common ingredient in many cosmetics products today.

Prevents Breakage

Vitamin E oil is a powerful conditioner that hydrates and nourishes your hair and prevents the breakage of eyelashes. This leads to the lashes becoming thick and voluminous with fewer broken strands. When massaged into the scalp in areas surrounding the eyelash line, vitamin E promotes cell renewal by increasing oxygen flow and blood circulation, eventually resulting in denser lash growth!

Delays Hair Loss

Vitamin E oil is a powerful antioxidant and helps to fend off the signs of aging and reduce oxidative stress that can lead to eyelash loss. Furthermore, regular use of this oil will help you maintain thicker, longer lashes by preventing further hair loss due to its positive impact on your natural lash cycle — causing shedding cycles to become less frequent.

How To Use Vitamin E Oil For Eyelash Growth

If you plan to use Vitamin E oil to take care of your eyelashes, you should follow a procedure to avoid irritation or any other allergic reactions:

Step One – Start washing your face with a gentle cleanser to remove all makeup and dirt.

Step Two – Moisturize the area around your eyes before applying Vitamin E oil using a soft cloth or cotton swab. This will help the oil to be absorbed better into the eyelash follicles.

Step Three – Apply a few drops of Vitamin E oil to your eyelashes. Use a mascara wand or Q-tip for this purpose, and avoid getting the oil in your eyes.

Step Four – Gently brush your upper and lower eyelashes with the wand or brush. Take special caution to avoid any oils entering your eyes.

Step Five – Let the oil sit overnight and wash off any residue with warm water the following day.

Use vitamin E oil on your lashes nightly before bed for the best results. This may take several weeks or even months to bring the desired outcomes; however, it is worth noting that you should patch test first to rule out any potential allergic reactions. Furthermore, applying this oil three-four times weekly will help expedite the process and experience quicker results.

Before and After Results of Using Vitamin E Oil For Eyelashes

Many may wonder when you can see the results of using Vitamin E oil for eyelashes. Here’s a quick summary of what will happen before and after applying Vitamin E oil.

Before Using Vitamin E Oil for Eyelashes

Before using Vitamin E oil, your eyelashes may not be as thick and long as you want them to be, or perhaps they are slowly thinning due to aging. Vitamin E oil is the safest and most convenient solution to restore confidence if you feel self-conscious about sparse or nonexistent eyelashes. To ensure success with this remedy, ensure all traces of makeup are removed from around the eye area.

After Using Vitamin E Oil for Eyelashes

To acquire the desired eyelash growth, you must faithfully apply vitamin E oil three to four times a week. Skipping even one week can significantly slow down and block your progress. When followed consistently, though, you can witness the effects of this nutrient-rich oil as it works its magic! Vitamin E’s antioxidant and conditioning properties are known for stimulating hair thickness development; hence why your lashes won’t be left behind in their wake when applied correctly.

DIY Method To Use Vitamin E Oil For Eyelashes

Dermatologists approve the topical use of Vitamin E oil as an eyelash growth serum with a few preventive measures – primarily utilizing it during your leisure time or only three to four times per week for optimal results. Yet even when using the homemade DIY serum, the conscious application is crucial to its security.

Vitamin E Oil and Castor Oil

Strengthening your lashes has never been easier with castor oil and vitamin E. Rich in ricinoleic acid, castor oil is a highly sought-after ingredient for preventing hair loss. Unsurprisingly, it is one of the components used to formulate many leading eyelash serums.


  • 1 Tbsp Vitamin E Oil
  • 1 Tbsp Castor Oil 


Mix equal amounts of vitamin E oil and castor oil in a bowl to get longer, fuller lashes in no time. Then apply this combination to your lash bed every night before sleeping. You should begin seeing considerable growth and development if done regularly for at least two weeks!

The advantages of castor oil with Vitamin E oil are clear – it helps keep your lashes hydrated, making them appear thicker and more voluminous. However, before attempting castor oil treatment on your hair, it is advised that you consult a dermatologist, as some case studies suggest that the results may be excessive dryness.

Vitamin E Oil and Coconut Oil

Combining Virgin Coconut Oil and Vitamin E Oil creates a wonder-working concoction that will leave your eyelashes fortified, voluminous, and lusher than ever before. Incorporating this potent mixture into an exclusive recipe can be the ultimate answer to thicker and stronger lashes!


  • 1 Tbsp Vitamin E Oil
  • 1 Tbsp Virgin Coconut Oil


Everyone knows that this special potion works like a charm in making lashes appear longer and fuller. Experience the wonders of it by blending all listed ingredients into a tube, then apply a clean, dry wand to your eyelashes. You’ll start to recognize noticeable results during just several applications!

Coconut oil is ideal for keeping your lashes healthy, as its lauric acid content helps prevent protein loss and preserve strong lashes. Furthermore, the natural oils in coconut oil form a protective barrier that safeguards against bacteria. Moreover, this layer of protection can further aid lash regrowth! However, since it leaves behind a greasy film that may weigh down eyelashes, some people might experience slight discomfort when using coconut oil on their eyes.

Use Vitamin E Oil

For centuries, Vitamin E has been favored by many prominent people and beauty influencers. The numerous components in pure vitamin E are undeniably beneficial for your lashes; you can use it both topically or through foods/supplements – just like its widely known application on scalp hair! Studies have demonstrated that when used correctly, eyelashes nourish and strengthen with regular consumption of Vitamin E too.

A recent survey observed alopecia sufferers that incorporated tocotrienol supplements (a form of vitamin E with antioxidants) and discovered a growth in their lashes. To get the maximum dose of this valuable nutrient, make sure you include wheat germ oil, almonds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, avocados, peanut butter, and fish into your diet; not only will it promote lash regrowth but Vitamin E also safeguards and amplifies the benefits of Omega-3!

Safety Tips And Precautions While Using Vitamin E Oil For Eyelashes

When using Vitamin E oil for eyelashes, one should always take certain precautions to ensure maximum safety. These precautions are necessary for the safe and healthy use of Vitamin E oil.

Here are some tips and precautions to remember when using Vitamin E oil for eyelashes:

  • When it comes to eyelashes, the best vitamin E oil is pure and unadulterated. Opt for organic oils left in their pristine state to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Always conduct a patch test on a small area before spreading any product onto your delicate lashes. With this method, you can protect yourself from potential irritations or reactions – so use it confidently! 
  • Use caution when applying Vitamin E oil, as its thick texture tends to leave behind an unsightly stain. To avoid any messes, be sure not to get it on your clothing or bed sheets – wait for the product to completely dry before settling in for the night! By doing so, you can enjoy all of the benefits of Vitamin E oil without worrying. 
  • Before introducing any treatment into your regimen, it is highly advised to consult with a physician if you are managing a medical issue. 
  • Vitamin E oil can be a risky choice if you’re prone to allergies. But if used properly, it won’t cause any adverse reactions. Before applying the oil directly to your skin or lashes, test out a small sample on an isolated skin patch for sensitivity and irritation. In case of any redness or itching sensation, visit a dermatologist immediately! 
  • When using Vitamin E oil, you should consult a doctor if you experience a skin rash, itching, or hives. Similarly, check if your face, lips, throat, or tongue swells or if you feel a burning sensation on the treated area.

Vitamin E oil is a great natural remedy for promoting eyelash growth and strength. Not only does it help to thicken and fortify lashes, but it can also protect them from UV rays and prevent breakage. Furthermore, regular use of this nutrient-rich oil will delay hair loss while nourishing the delicate lash bed area with its hydrating properties. However, as with any new treatment or product, you should always conduct an allergy test before applying vitamin E oil directly onto your skin or eyes – just in case! With proper precautions, Vitamin E Oil could be a powerful ally in ensuring your eyelashes stay healthy and beautiful all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Vitamin E oil good for your eyelashes?

Vitamin E oil is a great natural remedy for promoting eyelash growth and strength. Not only does it help to thicken and fortify lashes, but it can also protect them from UV rays and prevent breakage.

2) Does E oil help grow eyelashes?

Vitamin E oil is known to help grow eyelashes. Its antioxidant and conditioning properties are known for stimulating hair thickness development; hence why your lashes won’t be left behind in their wake when applied correctly.

3) Is vitamin E available in serums and oils?

Vitamin E is available in serums and oils. Many leading eyelash serums contain this nutrient-rich ingredient to encourage lash growth and fullness. It can also be used topically as a DIY serum with other natural ingredients.

4) Is it safe to use vitamin E oil as eyelash serum?

Using Vitamin E oil as an eyelash serum is safe if done correctly. To ensure safety, always conduct a patch test first to rule out any potential allergic reactions, and seek help from a dermatologist if necessary.

5) Is excess vitamin E harmful to the skin?

Excess Vitamin E can be harmful to the skin. It is advised not to exceed the recommended dosage as it may lead to adverse side effects or irritations. Additionally, people with allergies should consult a doctor before using Vitamin E oil.

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