Is Your Lawn in Bad Condition?

Your lawn is an understated part of your garden. It is like the canvas where your flowers and different ornamental plants can thrive. And because it is pretty much low-maintenance, you tend to overlook caring for it. This is an attitude that you need to change or forego, knowing that your lawn still needs some tender loving care.

It is still not too late, though! While your lawn is quite healthy and resilient, you need to check if it needs help and care. Thankfully, these signs and indicators are evident and easy to spot.

Below are some signs that your lawn is in pretty bad condition:

Its color is becoming yellowish

There are many reasons your lawn becomes yellowish. It could be because the heat somehow fries the plants. But there are other reasons that you need to consider. One, you might be applying too much fertilizer to your lawn. This results in a burn, which causes the color of the lawn to turn yellow or even brown. The remedy here is just by washing the fertilizer with water. The lack of nitrogen can also be a reason. This means that the grass is quite hungry, so give it some nourishment with some fertilizer. Go organic whenever you can.

Fungi are growing everywhere

Fungi, such as small mushrooms and large lawn mushrooms, can indicate that something is wrong with the moisture level of your garden. Sometimes, these mushrooms appear after heavy rain or a storm. Eventually, they will take themselves out. But it’s a different business when you notice their periodic appearance in your garden. There might be a leak somewhere in your irrigation system or sprinkler. If your lawn is often moist, it can become an excellent breeding ground for fungi.

There are weeds growing

Fungi are not the only problem that plagues your garden. More often than not, you will have trouble with weeds. Weed invasion might tell you that your lawn lacks nitrogen. This also comes with the first sign, which is a change in color. You can manually pick the weeds and trim the grass much shorter. After that, you can apply nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Try using poultry manure as a fertilizing agent.

BackyardIt looks dry

It’s easy to spot a dry lawn. It looks brownish, and its texture is quite crispy. When you step on it, you will see that there will be some depression, or your footstep leaves a mark. You might not be watering it frequently or adequately. To address this problem, you must install a sprinkler and efficient irrigation system. It pays to seek the assistance of a professional specializing in this one.

Take action

In the end, your lawn can be tough and resilient, but it still needs some care from you. And your garden’s appeal heavily depends on the lushness and health of your lawn. Your flowers and shrubs can look stunning, but the appeal is not complete when the canvas seems disastrous. If you need help, be sure to consult an expert.

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