Jobs for People Who Want to Change Lives for the Better

There’s an adage that says something along the lines of we will never work a day in our life if we find a job that we’re passionate about. If you are somebody who sees the needs of others and wants to help make a difference in their lives, and if you want to change the world one life at a time, here are some rewarding professions to consider looking into.

Social worker

If you are resourceful and caring, you might find that being a social worker is just the rewarding job you’re looking for. Social workers are tasked to support members of marginalized and vulnerable communities, like low-income families, at-risk children, refugees, victims of domestic violence, trauma patients, and many more.

If this sounds like an appealing way to give back to your community, you will need to earn a bachelor’s degree in social work and eventually register as a social worker. Given the sensitive nature of this profession, it’s a must that people who want to get into social work earn the right credentials and professional training throughout their careers.

Humanitarian aid worker

If you want to be on ground zero and be exactly where at-risk people are, the job of a humanitarian aid worker may be for you. Every time a critical incident happens anywhere in the world, non-profit foundations and governmental organizations always need help with providing aid through medical care, shelter, food, and funds. They can usually distribute relief and help through humanitarian relief workers, who are deployed to coordinate assistance and do the groundwork.

Take note, however, that this job is very demanding and provides very low remuneration. If this is how you want to spend your days, know that anyone from all walks of life can be a humanitarian aid worker, but having a background in fields like engineering, medicine, or education would be most beneficial.

Sustainability consultant

If you have always been passionate about protecting our natural resources and our environment, you might want to explore the profession of a sustainability consultant. As consumers become more aware of humanity’s ecological footprint and all the ways we have been destroying our planet, industries, corporations, and companies will need more information not just on consumer sentiment but also on the best practices that businesses can employ to help slow down the effects of climate change.

To take on this job, you will need to have a background in fields like estate management, environmental science, and even civil engineering. This training can help give you the necessary knowledge and skills you will need to perform the task well.

a nurse washing her hands

Home or hospice care worker

There is nothing more fulfilling or rewarding than giving patients the dignity and care they deserve in their twilight years. If you have a knack for caring for the sick or the elderly, consider applying for positions at reputable home care agencies as a professional. Many of these agencies also provide counseling, therapy, home health aid services, and even visits from spiritual advisors should the patient request it.

A healthcare option for patients of all ages who have been given a medical prognosis of six months or less to live, hospice is a way to provide patients and their families with physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual support. For this reason, there are plenty of professionals needed in a hospice care facility—such as a nursing assistant, counselor, and personal care aids—but they all have the goal of providing patients with all the holistic support, dignity, and respect they deserve in the last moments of their lives.

Investigative journalist

With the rise of social media also came the rise of misinformation, disinformation, and fake news. Now more than ever, it is crucial for our world to prioritize the truth and accurate information about what’s going on around us. This is why investigative journalists are key to helping shape a society built on accurate information so that all of us—policymakers and normal people alike—can be empowered and enabled to make the right decisions. If you are very persistent in your pursuit of truth and justice and want to explore this career, a journalism degree is necessary, as well as a writing portfolio to help hone your voice and writing and reporting skills.

With the right amount of passion, dedication, and care for people, you can devote your entire life to serving others well and helping make the world a better place. Just work hard and believe in your ability to play your part. You can do it!

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