Joint Pain: Six Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

Are you suffering from swelling, redness, or stiffness around the joints? Do you often experience joint pain in the knee area that becomes worse in the morning? Then you could be suffering a form of arthritis.

Injury, infection, and immune system dysfunction are the common causes of arthritis or joint inflammation. The signs and symptoms can develop gradually. However, there are also cases that pain and swelling come suddenly. If you are or you know someone experiencing the symptoms, then it’s essential that you keep the following dos and dont’s in mind:

Seek professional help

The Internet can be a good source of information. Some people even use it to self-diagnose, which is a big no-no. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms. They can recommend a great knee doctor in Lehi. Don’t self-diagnose, and never allow yourself to suffer silently.

Your doctor may recommend you to use medical devices such as mobility aids. These can help you improve balance when moving. Don’t be afraid to use them; they can give you the necessary support you’ll need to move and walk properly. You can choose between buying a cane, walker, wheelchair, mobility scooter, lift chair. When purchasing any mobility aid, make sure to find one that will best fit your needs. Consider your budget and support requirements, and find a reputable seller.

What you wear can affect your joints and mobility. Make sure to avoid pointy and too-tight footwear. Replace your high heels with low-heeled comfy shoes. If you find it hard or painful to walk with comfy shoes, cushioning soles can be of great help.

Don’t think that your weight doesn’t matter

When you have arthritis, it is vital to set a goal to shed some weight. Some extra pounds put more stress on your joints, leading to more pain and swelling. It can be hard to try to lose weight when you have joint pain, but it is never possible. With the right exercise and a healthy diet, you can achieve weight loss as recommended by your doctor.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Just because you’re suffering from joint pain doesn’t mean that you’re restricted from smoking and drinking alcohol. However, in reality, smoking and alcohol can affect your arthritis. Such unhealthy habits can cause your symptoms to worsen. Some medications also won’t work if you have these two vices. The worst part is that smoking and alcohol can lead to complications, which you would want not to happen.

Exercise regularly


Think you won’t need any exercise since you are already suffering from arthritis? Think again. A regular workout can help people with arthritis improve function, reduce pain, and ease stiffness. However, it is essential to note that you’ll need to check with your doctor first to know what forms of exercise will be beneficial for you. These usually include aerobic exercises and range-of-motion exercises.

Don’t suffer alone or be tight-lipped when you have joint pain. Ask for professional help, and it can give you the best advice on how to manage your symptoms. Avoid the things that can worsen your pain and adopt a healthy lifestyle. What you wear and what you use can also give you the kind of support you need. Keep this list in mind, and you’ll find it easier to manage and beat your joint pain.

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