Landlords Should Learn These 3 Rules to Avoid Tenant Disputes and Lawsuits

Landlord-tenant laws are prone to changes. Being a landlord in Utah requires you to stay on top of legal responsibilities. Sure, you are the property owner, but you must not assume anything when dealing with your tenants.

There are so many things to keep an eye on. Who do you allow to occupy your rental units? Do you follow legal guidelines related to rental property maintenance in Salt Lake City and other locations?

Abiding by the state and federal laws is not always easy. Sometimes, they can change without your knowledge. If you have recently moved from another state to Utah, confirm your legal expectations because local laws can differ. This guide will enlighten you.

Tenants deserve a well-maintained environment

Did you know that a tenant can sue you if they sustain injury when you are aware that your property is unsafe? Yes, you might be required to compensate them in such a deplorable situation.

Before you rent or lease a residential unit out, ask yourself, ‘Is the space fit for human occupancy?’ There are basic amenities that rental houses should have, such as heating, water, electricity, and plumbing. According to NCSL, you must eliminate any condition that can negatively affect the safety and health of the tenant.

Do you want to protect the wellbeing of the renters? Have you considered hiring a property manager? A professional agency ensures that your premises are clean and safe for habitation.

Tenants can repair and deduct if you fail

Suppose the HVAC system breaks down then you hesitate to fix it even after the house occupant makes a repair request. According to Utah tenant rights, the renter can repair and deduct if the place becomes uninhabitable.

This means the occupant can deduct the repair costs from the total rent amount. Even so, the rule applies when the fault is not theirs or caused by their guests. They may also press charges for the trouble caused by a defective premise.

What if you are a busy landlord and don’t have time to handle repair issues. You can always count on a property management company. You don’t need to be around all the time. Focus on your business while the experts deal with common problems of a residential rental unit.

You can charge any security deposit

dollar banknotes in front of the atm

Almost every landlord asks for a security deposit from their tenants. The fee is supposed to cover any damage that may be caused by the tenant’s negligence. Utah law provides no limit as far as a security deposit is concerned. Note that you must return the deposit within one month after the tenant vacates. If not, you have to give the reason for withholding the deposit, such as:

  • The tenant did not clear the rent
  • The deposit was non-refundable
  • The tenant damaged your premises
  • The amount is to be used for cleaning the property

The landlord-tenant law in Utah was enacted to control the relationship between tenants and landlords. As you’ve seen, each party has a role to play. Do you need professional advice on how to maintain your rental property in Salt Lake City? A property management company can help you. You need to deal with professionals who understand the local rental laws.

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