Learning How to Ski Is Good for Kids

As adults, learning how to ski can be intimidating, so it is the same for kids, right? Maybe not. Even though it comes off as an extreme sport, skiing is an activity for any age, and starting your child early has a lot of benefits.

They are at the best age to learn new skills

Parents want to give their kids the best start in life, but it might be tricky to pinpoint the best time for them to learn new skills. According to experts, the toddler years are the best time to acquire fundamental movement skills, like dance and sports. Unlike adults, toddlers do not care about making mistakes while learning and can commit to learning without fear.

Some ski mountains offer childcare for kids as young as eight weeks. The programs where children practice with actual equipment can accommodate as young as two and a half years old. The lessons can be indoors or be a combo of outdoor and indoor or nursery time. If your family lives near a ski resort, these programs are quite ideal.

Children can start skiing very young because modern technology enables manufacturers to make equipment, especially for them. Now, you can buy Leki ski poles, Salomon skis, and Giro ski helmets for kids.

Skiing is a great outdoor activity

Instead of physically playing, many children are spending more time playing on phones, tablets, and computers. Studies have found that too much screen time increases the risks of childhood obesity. Even if they are exposed to outdoor play and sports, their screen time increases in winter when outdoor sports are unavailable or difficult to play.

Snow sports allow children to get active even in the winter months. Skiing, in particular, builds endurance and burns more calories than most outdoor activities. Since it needs to be in a natural environment, it can boost their mood, too. Being close to nature lowers the production of stress hormones, reduces muscle tension, and alleviates anxiety and depression.

Quality time

family on a ski trip

Kids feel valued most when they spend time with their parents. It positively affects their well-being and happiness, builds self-esteem, and improves their mental health. By engaging in an outdoor activity together, your quality time will surely improve. And skiing is something the whole family can enjoy.

If you enjoy the sport yourself, you can enjoy skiing together by teaching your kids. You can all learn together if you are also a beginner, and share the fun, frustration, and excitement of the experience. If you and your partner rarely have time for each other, sending the kids to ski lessons lets you enjoy some time as a couple, too.

You can also film the vacation and your child’s first skiing experience. Even when you are at home, you will have something to watch together and look back on after a while.

Whether you introduce your kids to a sport you already like or learn with them, skiing is a great experience to share with the entire family. It is a fun way to have some quality time and stay active together, even during winter. As Oprah said, “skiing is the next best thing to having wings,” and, by letting them learn to ski, you could give your child the wings to soar through life.

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