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Help, when you need it the most

When a loved one passes, it is one of the most difficult and challenging times in a person’s life – especially when taking into account the masses of paperwork which must be properly filed.

Generally, the last thing on a person’s mind when they have lost somebody they love is paperwork and legal finities – however, it is important that all the relevant documentation is properly completed. It is here that a probate solicitor can lend a professional hand.

It is the role of a probate solicitors in Portsmouth to help grieving families by handling the legal nitty-gritty aspects of things, whilst they focus on everything else. It takes a specific type of expertise to be a probate solicitor.

Not only must they be experts at handling accounts and scanning through masses of paperwork, but they must also be experts in handling clients who are going through tough and painful times.

As such they have to take an individual approach to each case they take – as no two probate cases are ever identical. Probate solicitors must be tactful and considerate in their approach so as not to add any stress or confusion during what is already a testing time.

What does a probate solicitor actually do?

One key role that a probate solicitor plays is dealing with Wills. They are experts in Wills and their validity, as well as the processes which happen in instances where a loved one has passed without leaving a Will – which is called dying intestate.

Another role which a probate solicitor can be of great help to grieving families and loved ones is dealing with the various taxes which must be taken care of when someone dies.


These include Income Taxes, Inheritance Taxes and Capital Gains Tax. There are also specific tax returns which must be completed in instances where an Estate is involved and a probate solicitor will be well-versed in filling in clients on all that is required.

The role of a probate solicitor is not purely limited to dealing with tax-related dealings, however. They are also experts in handling numbers and finances. It is the role of a probate solicitor to deal with the transfer of the diseased’s Estate, which includes money coming in through the sales of properties and assets as well as any money going out through funeral costs etc.

Care and consideration

Of all the aspects of law, probate law is one which requires a distinctive amount of consideration and council on the part of the solicitor, when dealing with the affairs of someone who has recently died.

They understand the pain that clients are feeling is often raw and still to be processed. Therefore they do all that they can to offer guidance and comfort to clients. Part of this often involves offering a no-obligation phone conversation at the beginning of each case. This lets the probate solicitor explain to the client how they could be of service, and lets the client familiarize themselves with the personal solicitor who will be handling their case.

Losing a loved one is never easy. By allowing a probate solicitor to handle the legal aspects of things, you can free yourself and your family up from any paperwork and give you the time and attention you need to focus on healing.

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