Makeover Project: 3 Things That Make All the Difference in Home Exterior

Giving your curb appeal some sprucing up is one of the best ways to increase your property’s value. But doing such is anything but easy. You have a lot to consider that the entire project can easily be nerve-wracking, not to mention, wallet-draining. The key then is to know your priorities.

Focus on the few items that will make a big difference. If you want to make the most of your yard makeover project, put your efforts and money in these elements:

Entrance Ways

The path leading to your actual home is one of the first things onlookers on the street notice, simply because people naturally follow sight lines. So it might seem like a trivial detail, but in truth, the trail from the street to your property does a lot to curb appeal.

The principle to keep in mind here is simplicity. You don’t want over-the-top details stealing the spotlight from the actual house. So try to keep things just neat and orderly. Remember, the goal is to avoid obstructing people’s natural sight lines.

Use natural features, like cleanly trimmed shrubs along the sides or rose-covered arbors. These instantly guide the eyes towards your front door and frames views.

Or, if you don’t want a linear pattern, you can go circular. Create a round mini garden in the middle of your driveway. This still brings attention to your home as it serves an excellent foreground for the property.

Windows and Doors

home window

In terms of your actual home, the fixtures play a big role. Change up your doors and windows. If your home has been sporting the wooden door for the past years, perhaps it’s time to switch to a more contemporary look with flush doors or aluminum doors.

Or if you don’t want to have that dramatic change, then just give it a fresh coat of paint. According to a recent survey, painting your doors black or charcoal can boost your property’s value significantly.

But this isn’t much because of the dark colors per se, but the contrast and sense of depth it gives to most homes, which are light-toned. For your windows, consider changing its size, shape, or type.

Custom windows are now easily made, so you won’t have to worry about the long downtime and remodeling. If you want to keep the change low-key though, then just add shutters. Paint them with pops of colors.

To nail this project, ask experts from any window and doors company in Sudbury, ON. Designers, would lay out a plan for you to make sure your design preferences are reflected.

Color Schemes

Sometimes, the change you need is just a new color palette. Beyond touching up your windows and doors, you can also spruce up the siding and the roofs. One of the ways you can best tackle this project is to reflect the hues used in your landscaping on the exterior of your home.

For instance, if you have hydrangeas growing in your yard, you can put touches of whites and soft blues in your roof and siding. Or use greens in different shades to reflect your lawn’s hues. Don’t forget to do prep work for your paint job. Wash down your house using a hose or pressure washer. Make sure that the soot and dirt are removed.

Again, the key to a successful home exterior renovation is to focus on a few little things that will make a big aesthetic difference. Keep in mind these elements as you take on your facelift project.

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