Marijuana Doctors Break Down Long Term Health Questions

Cannabis having medical benefits is one of the most common questions that people ask. While there seems to be some relief for some users, there are some drawbacks that others experience with cannabis that may not be pure and seek out help in the emergency rooms. Marijuana doctors will look at the type of use, and how long term it may be to determine how helpful it is to a person. Another question surrounding marijuana is overdose and if it’s possible.

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The truth is that your body can have taken away from too much of a good thing. Overdose doesn’t automatically mean death, but there is concern about the ability to breathe. There isn’t an antidote for cannabis, but when they’ve had cannabis that is tainted with other chemicals, or it is bad, has mold or fungus growing on it, they can become very ill.

There are also questions surrounding symptoms of too much cannabis, and how long these effects will last. Symptoms of these bad cases of weed will include severe paranoia, extreme anxiety, nausea, and severe dehydration. This is also in cases where the patient took cannabis as a way to fight symptoms like nausea and had an adverse reaction. The effects of cannabis can also last for different times, depending on how one person’s body metabolizes the cannabis. For some, this can be hours, while others may experience this for days. .

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