Keeping Your Brain Sharp As You Age: How To Do It Right

Growing older means you have to face the fact that some parts of you will not stay the same. You’ll gain weight, your hair will turn white, and you’ll start to forget things. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A lot of the effects of aging are mainly because of not taking care of yourself properly. As you age, your body needs more care and effort to maintain. Considering your mind and memory are some of the first affected, you should be putting in extra effort to keep them sharp. Here are a few of the things you can do.

Get Some Exercise

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Actual physical exercise can be a big help in keeping your brain in great condition. Research shows that exercise can make you smarter and stop the shrinkage of the brain as you age. Regular exercise, even a simple daily walk, keeps you active and the nerves firing. This is mostly through increased blood flow. Your brain is nourished by blood, and anything that helps keep your blood pumping can help. It would be best if you also avoided unhealthy habits like smoking and excess drinking.

Play Some Games

Fun and games can be incredibly helpful to anyone who wants to keep their minds active. There are many free online games for your brain, whether they are puzzles or trivia quizzes. All of them help since they can challenge your brain to do better. The great thing about these games is that they are easy to make into a habit. Because of the enjoyment you get from them, you don’t feel like you are being forced into it.

Additionally, it is not just the intellectual games that help. The action games that test your reflexes can be a big help, too. They help with your mind-body connection and keep your aging reflexes responding.

Eat Right

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There are many substances in food that can help contribute to a better brain. It would help if you talked with a doctor or a nutritionist about how you can change your diet to get all the necessary nutrients. Some of the foods that you should be eating include salmon, which is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help keep your brain rebuild itself, and blueberries full of antioxidants that help you fight aging. A lot of older people don’t put effort into their diet. The result is that their bodies are not getting the necessary nutrition that they need. Eat healthier so that your body can maintain itself better.

Read More Books

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Intellectual stimulation comes in many forms. If you are not a big fan of games, you can start read. There are thousands of books out there on a variety of topics and types. You might like fiction and enjoy a stirring adventure, or you might read about history in some good non-fiction. The important thing is to keep reading. Research shows that reading can slow down memory decline by 32 percent, extending your mental cognition greatly. A reading habit should be easy to start. Set aside a few hours a day to get some reading done, and that should be enough.

Keep On Learning

Another form of keeping your mind active is to start learning new things. Many senior citizens are still able to learn new skills. The great thing about it is learning helps build new parts of the brain as skills are developed. As for what you can learn, there are many skills out there that you can try out. You might want to study a new language, or you can try to play a musical instrument. These two activities are big favorites and can be immediately put to good use.

Socialize With More People

Your mind is more active when it interacts with other people. Paying attention to them and responding to their questions is a lot of work for any brain. This makes interacting with people a great mental exercise. Keeping to yourself can also be pretty depressing, which has negative effects on your cognitive abilities. So it is in your interest to reach out and socialize with people. It doesn’t even have to be in person. Have online meetings via Zoom or call good friends on the phone. Reaching out to others can be a big help to your mind.

Keeping your brain working and active is the key to retaining its use as you age. Like a muscle, it needs exercise. With regular use, you can be sure to keep your memories and be able to make smart decisions well into your golden years.

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