No Budget? Here are Some DIY Gift Ideas For Birthdays and the Holidays

Holidays and birthdays are often marked with festivities and gifts — both are great ways of celebrating the occasion. As grand as we may want both to be, especially the gifts, there are times when we don’t have the budget to spare for it.

Fortunately, there are ways we can show our appreciation for the people we hold dear without spending too much. Here are some DIY gift ideas that can make our loved ones happy during these special days.

Shaker or Spinner Cards

Shaker cards, as their name suggests, are greeting cards that have windows in them. Usually, these windows show pockets filled with different shiny ornaments that move around when the holder shakes the card.

With some brightly colored cards, design elements like sequins and chunky glitters, and foam adhesive strips, one can make a shaker card for any occasion. It’s a fun gift to give, one that can be made to perfectly suit whoever it is we wish to give the card to.

Baked Treats

Homemade treats are also highly recommended considering how customizable they are. The ingredients can both match the current season and the recipient’s favorite themes.

Craving sweets during the winter? Maybe we can try our hands at making some Gingerbread fudge. Birthday during the summer? Replace the typical birthday cake for some strawberry pie or blueberry cobbler.

Baked goods aren’t only for those who like sweets, though. Everyone likes pizza, and the pizza that has all the recipient’s favorite toppings may triumph over ones made by fast-food joints.

Milk and cookies on a plate

Personalized Bookends

Aside from books, bookworms are likely to enjoy one of the best ways to spruce up their shelves: personalized bookends.

This is another area where there is a lot of room for creativity. If you are an animal lover, old toy figurines can be painted and mounted on thick slabs of wood so that they can hold books in place. Are you aiming for something a little more luxurious looking? Bricks and stones work as great bases for gold wrapping paper.

Homemade Earrings

Wearing earrings is a great accessory to pair with an outfit. Some prefer the typical hoops and studs, while others go for more eccentric styles like Tamagotchi earrings. Making an earring that suits the recipient can be done even by beginners of the craft.

You only need a jewelry making kit — which can be bought online or in local craft stores — that has wires and wire cutters, pliers, and earring hooks; and the charm of their choice.

Customized Umbrella

For adults, the best kinds of gifts are the ones that they can use regularly. One prime example is an umbrella.

Umbrellas are useful regardless of the weather. Is it sunny? Protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Heavy downpour? An umbrella can handle that no problem. A plain straight umbrella of any color can be made better by customization.

Splashing different colored paints on a white or black base can even transform an umbrella into a fashion statement. Sticking white gorilla tape on a black umbrella can result in striped patterns. One can also use a yellow base and black tape to make an umbrella that loosely resembles a bee.

Regardless of the occasion, gifts don’t have to be expensive to show how much you appreciate the other person. With DIY gifts, anyone can show their appreciation through fun, colorful ways that require a little more effort than store-bought gifts.

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