Office Space Search: Things to Consider

Whether you are a startup company or an established one looking to transfer or expand, finding the right office space will affect your business in a lot of ways you cannot imagine. Thus, it is important to choose the right office location wisely.

But with a lot of choices available in New York City alone, finding the right one can be quite overwhelming. The key is to narrow down your options, or to come up with a shortlist. Here are some points to keep in mind to help you choose the right office to lease in NYC.

Things to consider when choosing an office space


Like finding a new home, location is very important as it can make or break your business. It should be very accessible for your employees to go to and from work daily. Your clients and customers should also be able to find it easily.

An office space that is not strategically placed can affect your sales and operations more negatively than you imagine.


calculating budget

A budget should always be considered early on. Setting a budget can help you find the right location and office size without compromising your business’ financial standing. Asking around, or having a broker to help you find the place that you need would be a good investment.

The more options that you have, the more chances of finding the right space for you and your team.


Different establishments have their own policies. If your business is the type that runs 24/7, or one that often needs to work beyond the usual office hours, then knowing your landlord’s policies regarding such working hours should be considered before closing the deal.

Your office space’s policies should match yours’ as a business.

Business type

Do not forget to include your business type into consideration when choosing office space. A retail business where customers are needed to get the business running would require a space that is more visible and accessible.

While a business that requires a more clerical type of work can make use of shared spaces that provide the necessary amenities needed to keep it running.


Also, watch out for your neighbors. If your main competitor is within the vicinity, you might want to reconsider choosing, that place. While head-to-head competition can be exciting, it can do your business more harm than good especially when your competitor is already established in the area.

Parking space

Do not underestimate the importance of parking space. An office that has ample parking area can attract customers, partners, and clients to visit it that can naturally lead to better business opportunities. It might initially cost more, but it is an investment worth making.

Finding the right office space is not something that can be done overnight. A lot of patience, research, and help from other people can help make the search easier. The key is to have your priorities in order and to know what you want and need to have. Take your time, and you will eventually make the right decision.

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