Pairing the Right Countertop with Kitchen Trends

There have been some interesting and chic trends with kitchen interior design. Who knew the darkness of the color black would make its way to the hearts of kitchens around the world? Tiles that are pieced together like overly polished bricks became a youthful choice for modern kitchens. While minimalism has become the new face of luxury, opulence has taken the form of subtle gold accents throughout the home.

Despite the trend, granite countertops remain a staple in kitchens because of their versatility. By choosing the right color and type, anyone can find mix-and-match a trend with a piece of stone.

Gold details

Adding gold details to complement white countertops add to the elegant and luxurious feel of the kitchen. Whether it is the handles of the cabinets or the feet of the barstool, this pop of color will not go unnoticed, as it contributes to the contemporary feel of the interior design.

To avoid overdoing the gold-ness of the kitchen, consider balancing it with neutral colors. Combining it with black or white elements can even make the shininess of the gold pop out. The gold accents can be from the lights, the sink, or even the pots and pans.

Black cabinets

Some would say this is a bold move. They’re prone to fingerprints and visible marks, so they would need constant cleaning. Without the right lighting, black cabinets can make a space look smaller.

Nevertheless, a black kitchen is on-trend because of its sleek, modern, and minimalist vibe. Just like in fashion, the color black exudes so much elegance and is a perfect match for almost every color.

Consider balancing out the color options by choosing a brighter color, so the kitchen won’t be so gloomy. To avoid the feeling of the black kitchen feeling so closed in, correct lighting is key. Welcoming as much natural light as possible will make you feel that there’s more space in the room. Having recessed lights in every corner of the kitchen and on the shelf help eliminate shadows that make the room appear small.

Tile backsplash


A backsplash is important because it serves as the wall’s protection from all kinds of splashes when cooking gets intense. Having said this, the backsplash could get a considerable amount of gunk and dirt build-up if not maintained properly.

A tile backsplash is a good choice because it’s easier to wipe off the dirt. With the trend of using small, patterned tiles, it might be more difficult to clean, especially when dirt gets on the grout. If your kitchen has this kind of backsplash, regular cleaning to prevent build-up is necessary.

There are a lot of options with tile backsplashes, from patterns to geometrical shapes. Make sure to match it with the countertop, though. If the backsplash is pattern heavy, balancing it with a more muted or plain countertop will avoid having an overkill of an interior design.

The kitchen is where the family comes together to share the significance of having food on the table. It’s where people bond together while learning a new skill or a recipe. Therefore, it is only imperative to make the kitchen as pretty as possible.

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