Pandemic Romance: How COVID-19 Is Changing Everyone’s Dating Game

The desire for human connection has never been stronger during the pandemic. COVID-19 has forced us to sacrifice a lot of things, including our relationships with our family, friends, and our significant others. As couples try to make things work despite being miles apart, millions of singletons are craving intimacy while in lockdown.

When the pandemic began, many wondered how online dating platforms will survive with billions of people locked in their homes and dating venues remained closed because of safety reasons. But it turned out people are not letting the pandemic get in the way of finding romance. Love in the time of COVID-19 is ablaze as people turn to dating platforms to find true love.

Even luxury dating services such as Luma Luxury Matchmaking are busier than ever during the lockdown. Singles today are more commitment-minded as they start to reevaluate their dating lives and realize that having a serious relationship should be their priority.

While the strain of the pandemic is expected to take a toll on relationships, people are becoming more fearless to form new connections in these uncertain times.

More time for communication

Couples who met via dating apps during the lockdown have more time to talk, leading to deeper connections. This all stemmed from quarantine blues that push people to look for different channels where they can ease boredom and isolation.

In normal circumstances, couples on dating apps usually take a few small talks before deciding to meet. But with safety precautions in mind, many are delaying in-person meetups and doing virtual dating instead. Although virtual dating or online dating is already a ‘thing’ pre-COVID, it was only during the pandemic when people heavily relied on virtual tools to make online relationships work.

Virtual dating does not differ from actual dating, the only difference is both parties are not physically together. They can do things together, from cooking, eating, and watching movies, but communicate exclusively using any form of electronic communication.

Dating apps became a place for intimate connections in these challenging times. Since people have more time to know each other, this gave them opportunities to be more intimate despite being far apart. In turn, people looking for serious relationships have more time to assess their potential partners by building intimacy through video chats and instant messaging. By the time they agree to meet, both parties already develop a deeper connection with the other party.

Virtual dating becomes the norm

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Amid a global health crisis, virtual dating is the safest way to engage with people. Dating apps are responding by rolling out their pricing and functionality to help people connect with other users more deeply. Instead of meeting in person, dating apps encourage users to remain using the app while the pandemic is ongoing. Some are even posting announcements and allowing users to customize their profiles to let the other party know about their virtual dating preferences.

Since the lockdown, virtual dating became more popular as plenty of first dates are happening on communication platforms, such as Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. This allowed people to get to know the person better before taking a big leap by meeting them in person. As a result, those who have shunned the idea of online dating have become more open to adopting virtual dates as their dating norm.

Before, dating platforms have features limited to photo sharing and emojis, but as more people turn to video dating, more apps are including video dating features in their offerings.

More people also realize that virtual video dates are more convenient and safer than in-person dates. Dating apps have a negative reputation where people meet weird strangers that often end up in dating disasters. But with video dating features, singles can meet their date safely while in the comfort of their home.

Dating post-pandemic

Singles on dating platforms have also become more concerned about safety measures, especially when the topic of meeting in person gets brought up. Couples and singletons are having the COVID talk to know the person’s opinion about wearing masks and meeting in public places.

Meanwhile, those who are willing to take the risk are evaluating their preferred level of in-person interaction whether they want to be a little intimate or if they prefer to be socially distant instead. But health experts say if both parties were able to successfully establish a good virtual connection, they should consider getting tested and quarantined first before deciding to meet.

As the dating world becomes more challenging than ever, the pandemic has made us realize so many things about human connection. The human spirit and dating apps serve as our bridge to stay connected while being socially distant. So whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or a distraction to while away the boredom and isolation, always stay safe and look after yourself.

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