7 Physical Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Pet

A person’s day can either be tedious or hectic. Luckily, you have pets to keep you company — literally and figuratively. And to return the favor, you do the things they love, such as going for an afternoon walk or playing a long session of fetch.

However, quality time with your pets doesn’t have to be limited to that. There are other activities you can explore and enjoy with your pet.

If you’re looking for physical activities to incorporate in your routine with your pet, follow these ideas:

  1. Hiking Short Trails

Engaging with nature is a great way to de-stress. Taking your pet with you makes it more exciting and challenging. It’s a great way to bond as you both get to explore a new trail. Just make sure to watch out for your pet and watch out for other animals, plants and natural elements that could be harmful to them.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find pet-friendly hot tub lodges near the area. This way, you can give yourself a relaxing dip while your pet takes a rest from the long hike — a perfect way to end your day.

  1. Jogging By the Beach

If you love nature but you’re not the hiker type, another great option is to bring your pets to the beach. The smell of salt water, the feeling of soft sand and the sight of your pet running with you and playing with the waves is a great way to start your day. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and protect your pet’s paws when the weather gets too hot.

To make sure your pet doesn’t run off or wade in deeper waters, put them on a harness. This way, you can control your pet’s direction and help them avoid danger while you’re on the beach.

  1. Swimming in a Pool

Remember that this physical activity can be relaxing and highly beneficial for both people and pets, especially dogs. For humans, it can improve balance and cardiovascular fitness. For pets, it can strengthen muscles and joints without straining them.

However, consider your pet’s breed as some aren’t fit enough to swim. For example, dogs like French bulldogs or pugs aren’t meant to swim as they are prone to drowning due to their physical appearance. Their snob-noses and flat faces cause them to have difficulty breathing when submerged in water — compared to poodles and golden retrievers who are more capable of paddling in the water.

  1. Biking Around the City

If you live in the city or if your residence is far from a beach or mountain trail, then biking is a good option. This is great if you have errands to attend to. Of course, you can bring your pet, especially if nearby establishments are pet-friendly. Your dog can jog or run while you pedal. Moreover, you can let them wear a harness or a leash while you’re on your way to make sure they don’t stray or run after passersby.

  1. Skateboarding or Roller Skating

Another physical activity you can do is skateboarding or roller skating. You can do this on a cemented area, on sidewalks, or in a skatepark where there are ramps and rails to practice your tricks.

You can also take this opportunity to teach your pet a new trick. For example, you can command your dog to hitch onto your skateboard or teach your cat to follow you while you are skating.

  1. Circuit Training

Finally, if you’re aiming to get fit but you’re worried that you may lose motivation over time, tag your furry friend as a fitness buddy. This is also an excellent way to channel your pet’s energy.

If it’s your first time, you can start by creating a short course where your pet can run, jump, or roll. Alternatively, you can create a circuit for yourself and teach your pet what to do on each course. What’s important is that you reward them with praise and treats every time they complete a course.

  1. Yoga
    woman exercising while her pet is walking at her back

Yoga is a mindful practice that allows you to connect with your physical, mental, and spiritual self. You can opt for this activity if you need to improve your posture. Unexpectedly, dogs can do this, too. This new activity is called “doga.” No, this doesn’t mean forcing your pets to do yoga poses as you do. You just have to introduce them to the yoga mat and allow them to get curious as you perform yoga poses. You’ll be surprised that they will eventually stay relaxed by your side.

Pet Bonding is Important

Pets are simply irresistible. You’ve probably wondered about taking them wherever you are and in whatever you do. Now, you don’t have to worry about it as there are several ways to bond with them. Consider the physical activities mentioned above and you mat be able to explore new hobbies later on.

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