Pigeon Problem Solved: Effective Steps to Clear Your Balcony

Ah, there you are, the weary balcony owner tired of the constant cooing and unsolicited droppings of pigeons. Pigeons love balconies, and they can turn these outdoor spaces into their hangouts before you can say, “shoo!”

We understand how frustrating it is when pigeons make themselves at home in your cherished outdoor retreat. These uninvited guests can indeed dampen the joy of sipping coffee or enjoying the sunset from your balcony. If you’re tired of cleaning up after them and wondering how to humanely get rid of pigeons, you’ve come to the right place.

This blog post will be your comprehensive guide to liberating your balcony from our feathered foes.

Why Do Pigeons Love Balconies?

Pigeons, like any smart city-dwelling creatures, have adapted remarkably well to urban environments. These birds, descendants of cliff-dwelling rock doves, find our high-rise buildings and balconies strikingly similar to their natural habitats – high, safe, and perfect for nesting.

Your balcony’s relative quiet and solitude make it the perfect pigeon getaway. Throw in a bit of unintentional food supply, maybe some crumbs from your morning toast or fallen seeds from your balcony garden, and you’ve got yourself an irresistible pigeon paradise.

Furthermore, pigeons are creatures of habit. Once they’ve found a location they deem perfect, they tend to return over and over. So, if a pair of pigeons has taken a liking to your balcony, it’s likely they have made themselves comfortable, and unless deterred, they’re here to stay.

But don’t lose heart! While these birds might find balconies ideal, there are ways you can make yours less appealing to them.

Comprehensive Solutions to Deter Pigeons

1. Pigeon-Proofing your Balcony

Pigeon-proofing your balcony is the first step you should take to keep them off your property and one of the best ways. Installing bird netting!

Bird netting creates a physical barrier that prevents pigeons from accessing your balcony. Simple yet effective, it keeps your balcony open and airy while warding off our winged intruders.

Pigeon spikes, despite their slightly menacing name, are another humane solution. They prevent pigeons from landing and nesting without causing them harm. They are easy to install and require little maintenance.

Lastly, make your balcony less appealing. Keep it tidy and free of food scraps. Pigeons will look elsewhere if they don’t find your balcony inviting.

2. Using Pigeon Deterrence Products

If you’re looking to make your balcony less welcoming by irritating the birds, try deterrence products.  Sticky gels, for instance, can be a real game-changer. When applied to balcony railings or other surfaces, these make the area uncomfortable for pigeons to land on.

There’s also a variety of visual deterrents. Bird-repellent discs and bird scare rods reflect light and spin in the wind. The moving, sparkling objects can effectively keep the pigeons at bay.

3. Natural Pigeon Repellents

If you prefer more natural pigeon control solutions, certain plants and spices can help. Pigeons dislike the smell of peppermint and lavender, so try adding these plants to your balcony garden. Cayenne pepper can also do the trick. Sprinkle some around, and pigeons will soon get the message.

For a more visual deterrent, try a predator decoy. Fake owls or hawks can create the illusion of a threat, helping to scare the pigeons away.

4. Technology-Based Pigeon Deterrents

There are lots of technology-based solutions available today. Ultrasonic bird repellers emit sound waves that are uncomfortable for pigeons but go unnoticed by humans. Bird laser technology, while a bit more high-tech, can also be highly effective in deterring pigeons.

5. Bird Birth Control

Controlling the pigeon population isn’t always about repelling or deterring the existing ones; it can also involve managing the number of new pigeons introduced into the population. One innovative and humane method is the use of bird birth control products, such as OvoControl.

OvoControl is a ready-to-use bait that interferes with egg development in birds. The product has been widely recognized as an effective and humane way to reduce the pigeon population over time without causing immediate harm or disruption to the existing birds.

Implementing OvoControl is relatively easy. You simply distribute the bait in areas where pigeons feed, typically in the early morning. The bait dispenser can even be automated to make the task easier. Remember, consistency is key for this method to work effectively. Regular feeding ensures that the larger pigeon population consumes the bait, resulting in a more significant decrease in the number of new birds.


pigeon drinking water

Pigeons may be part of city life, but that doesn’t mean you have to share your balcony with them. With an understanding of why these birds favor such spaces, you can effectively take action to reclaim your balcony. Assess your situation, and see what method you can use. Also, feel free to use a combination of different methods to maintain a pigeon-free balcony.

Whatever your approach, remember that dealing with your pigeon problem should always be done ethically and legally. It’s about creating a space that’s inhospitable to them, not causing them harm.

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