A Practical Guide to Planning the Big Day for Engaged Couples

Prepare for a roller coaster ride before tying the knot because wedding preparations are wild. Weddings these days are intimate, with only a small number of guests invited due to the global health crisis. Despite this, couples remain creative with their wedding concepts. Some may have become even more creative due to the given restrictions. Pandemic weddings are intimate and creative, but they still pack a punch. The preparations remain tedious, and couples still stress over the planning part of the wedding ceremony.

Brides these days, however, have become less traditional. There have been fresh wedding gown designs that break the norm. Bridal shops have been offering custom designs according to their client’s preferences. However, even with these less traditional gowns, many brides still aim to appear more fit than usual on their wedding day. Fitness for brides has become a trend.

Along with non-traditional wedding gowns come unconventional wedding ideas. Not all couples follow wedding traditions anymore and, perhaps, that is for the best. Traditional weddings still hold their own charm, but unconventional weddings have made a mark on today’s soon-to-be-wed couples.

Wedding Preparations for Engaged Couples

Couples have a lot on their minds when it comes to wedding planning. These soon-to-be-wed couples should know the importance of hiring a wedding planner to help them organize their big day, especially if they are working with a tight timeline. A wedding planner is a professional that will guide you through the preparation process, including the selection of wedding vendors and coordinating with these various teams.

Having a wedding planner will make your wedding day run much smoother and will provide you enough time to take in the special event. You wouldn’t have to worry about the caterers while you walk down the aisle.

Planning a wedding is a tedious process. You and your fiance will have to make many decisions throughout the wedding planning journey; however, both of you should keep in mind that these details are simply that — details. These minor things do not carry weight in your relationship, so you don’t have to stress too much about what type of white flowers you want to have in your bouquet.

Following a wedding planning checklist will guide you throughout the planning process. A wedding planner will help you with most of your behind-the-scenes wedding preparations. However, it’s also important to be informed of the steps you need to tick off your to-do list before the planner tells you. This will keep you focused and will guide you in case your wedding planner misses an important step.

Preparing for your big day will not be a walk in the park, despite the significantly smaller number of guests during the pandemic; however, all the stress and decision-making will be worth it once you say, “I do.”

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Fitness for Brides-to-be

Included in wedding preparations is shopping for a bridal gown. While there are many traditional wedding gowns in the market, there have also been many options for unconventional designs. Some gowns may seem too revealing for other brides, while others are more modest. Bridal fashion has changed through the years, and luckily, the designs have changed along with the preferences of contemporary brides.

After picking a wedding gown design, brides often go on crash diets and extreme exercise routines to “look good” during their big day; however, some of these practices can become extreme. Brides-to-be should find healthy ways to slim down or shape up for their special day without sacrificing their health and well-being.

Looking good in a wedding gown does not automatically mean that a bride has to shed some weight. Confidence and love are the important elements of wedding celebrations. Brides – and grooms – should not veer away from what is essential.

Going Against the Grain

With the rise of unconventional brides and couples these days, many wedding traditions have been disregarded by couples. Some engaged partners have neglected some superstitions due to the “outdated” nature of these beliefs. While this may be so, it would still be nice to be familiar with the common wedding traditions and superstitions around the world.

Being an unconventional couple, however, should not be associated with something negative. No matter how far the couple has veered away from wedding traditions and customs, what matters most is their love and respect for one another.

Pandemic weddings are small and intimate, but that doesn’t mean that they are less stressful to plan. Engaged couples should not get carried away by the stress of wedding planning. They should focus on what matters most, which is their relationship.

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