Practical Reminders for Regular Flyers

You can always spot a person who is a regular flyer. They exude confidence, look like do not second-guess themselves at security checkpoints, and are always on the move within the terminal. Frequent flyers usually have a system of navigating through an airport’s labyrinthine systems that maximizes the comfort and enjoyment they can derive from its facilities.

If you find yourself looking for things to do at Changi Airport, then these travel hacks will help make your airport stay smoother and more enjoyable.

1. Learn about the airports in your journey

You probably know your home airport like the back of your hand. After all, you have probably traveled hundreds, if not thousands, of times from that airport. But if you might not be as familiar with other airports, especially layover airports.

When traveling, make it a point to do some research about your destination or layover airport. Navigating through an unfamiliar terminal can be disorienting, and a little bit of preparation can help avoid that.

Apart from checking the airport’s layout, you can also check the facilities the airport has to offer. Some things to check out include food, toiletries, lounge access, and Internet connectivity. Having all this information in hand will make your layover more enjoyable.

2. Always bring resealable storage bags with you

Resealable storage bags are incredibly versatile and useful, and you should always put a few spare ones in your luggage. They can be used if you want to save a snack for later or keep your electronic devices dry. If you find yourself needing one, you can always get one from your bag. You can even share them with other travelers in need.

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3. How to avoid overweight luggage

It’s easy to overstuff your luggage while packing and have it go over the airline’s weight limit. If you believe that is the case, take one bulky piece of clothing from your luggage (such as a jacket or sweatshirt) and wear it or put in your carry-on luggage.

If your bag goes over the limit at check-in, just open the luggage and do the same. This technique is particularly useful when returning from a trip, and you are carrying home souvenirs.

4. Bring travel essentials with you

You do not want to have to go through multiple bags just to get the things you need. There’s a reason why we all have a carry-on: So we can place all our travel essentials in one container. Travel documents, identification, money, and essential gadgets should be placed in your carry-on to avoid the hassle of digging through your luggage at security.

5. Take a photo of your car

If you are leaving your vehicle at airport parking, do not forget to take a photo of your parking spot before leaving. The picture should include identifiable landmarks and the location of your parking spot. This ensures you won’t have to go through the trouble of remembering where you parked when you return.

These travel hacks will help you get from check-in to boarding with as little hassle as possible. Every airport is different, but you can always do something to make your time as pleasant as possible.

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