Rejuvenating Types of Vacations Perfect for Introverts

Introverts tend to suffer the reputation of being shy and isolated. But in truth, they can just be as bold and social, as long as they’re in the right environment.

Small talks and overly-exuberant activities aren’t just their cup of tea. Those deplete their energies, and introverts are all about preserving energy and pouring it out for meaningful things only. Hence, if you see an introvert in solitude, don’t worry about their well-being; they’re just replenishing their “batteries”, and their company will be more fun after they get fully charged.

That said, if you’re going to travel with your introverted buddy soon, consider these types of activities, and you’ll surely witness an awesome side of them:

1. People-watching in a Busy City

Busy cities may be filled with incessant buzzes, but introverts may actually find them soothing. (As long as no one will bug them for small talk.) Just take them to a cozy coffee shop and share a deep conversation. Walk around the city as well to enjoy the sights, and rent a safe and convenient private vehicle for transportation. That way, you’ll avoid packed trains or buses.

Wandering in cities like London, New Orleans, New York, Lisbon, Seoul, Kyoto, and Vienna will lift an introvert’s spirits, as they’re teeming with both bustling and peaceful ambiances. The unique architecture of the buildings will amaze anyone, too, regardless if they’re an introvert or extrovert.

2. Hiking

Introverts love being close to nature, so hiking will definitely excite them. Well-known hiking venues like the Canadian rocky mountains, Sisikiyou in California, and Torres Del Paine in Chile are worth considering, with their picturesque landscapes and intriguing natural wonders. And for extroverts, the quiet nature will be a nice break from their usual social and lively affairs.


3. Sailing

If you feel like reading a good book in solitude, and enjoying meals in English pubs, go on a trip to somewhere like The Lake District in London. Malta is also a perfect getaway for those craving a sail. And whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, you surely can’t enough of the relaxing sound of ocean waves.

4. Exploring Rural Areas

Small rural towns are a paradise to introverts. Think of some places in New Zealand, where there are more cows than people. But aside from the animals and farmlands, the breathtaking scenery of the country will also invigorate them.

There’s also a quaint town on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, known as Las Alpujarras, where you may be tempted to give up your city life and just move there. You’ll be waking up to the view of mountain ranges every day, and have fresh spring waters within your reach. Given that those aren’t everyday sights in the cities, rural life just seemed more exhilarating.

5. Meditation Retreats

If the purpose of your vacation is mainly to relax, try yoga retreats or exploring tranquil towns. Baja, Mexico has amazing wellness centers for those who’d like to try out yoga and other soul-nourishing activities. You can also meditate while walking the streets of Parque Juarez, or exploring the Shakespeare and Co. bookstore in Paris.

Whichever trip you choose to arrange for you and your introverted bff, remember that the main goals are relaxation and rejuvenation. Keep away from jam-packed clubs and bars as much as possible, because introverts seek out places where they can reflect and widen their imaginations.

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