Remain Consistent with How You See Yourself

You’re growing and constantly changing. The things you used to like may mean nothing to you now, replaced by more age-appropriate interests. Your personal style may have also changed and your old friends barely recognize you. Changes like these are a testament to how far you’ve come.

Throughout the changes in your life, however, you need to be consistent in how you see and treat yourself.

You Deserve the Best

You probably grew up in a Salt Lake City household where your parents kept the good sheets and the best plates for guests. These are meant to give a good impression about your family and they are off-limits to you on regular days. When you move out and start your life as an adult, however, remember to treat yourself as the best guest you’ll ever have. You’re working hard to pay for the mortgage and to support your lifestyle; there is no one else who deserves that firm mattress for sale and those comfortable sheets more than you. Prepare your favorite dishes every week, not just on special occasions. Celebrate yourself and your achievements regardless of how big or small they are. Before you treat other people like kings, you should know that you deserve this kind of treatment too.

You Deserve Kindness

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Some situations bring out the kindness in you even if you don’t know the whole story. A homeless person, for example, may tug at your heartstrings and you’ll want to give them your sandwich even if it means you’re losing your lunch. You tell yourself you can afford to buy another sandwich while a homeless person may not know where their next meal is coming from. This kindness stems from gratefulness. Deep down, you also want other people to extend this same kindness to you if you’re the one in need. But don’t wait for other people to be kind to you. Do it for yourself; you deserve it. Even if it’s just taking a break when you feel tired from all the work you have to do, go ahead and fight the guilt that stops you from enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

You Deserve Forgiveness

Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes, forgiveness is hard. You may hold on to negative emotions not realizing how much it’s limiting you moving forward. What’s even harder is forgiving yourself. You think your actions have ruined someone else’s life and it’s something you’ll carry to your grave. The reality is people move on and get back up. Apologize for your mistakes and accept the forgiveness they give. Then, give yourself that forgiveness too. You will never be able to move forward comfortably if you’re stuck in the past. Learn from your mistakes, do better, and never make the same mistakes again. You’ll feel lighter and you’ll be able to focus on yourself if you let go of these hang-ups.

No one will treat you better than you treat yourself. Show people that you deserve the best treatment by being the best example. When you know your worth, you will not let other people treat you like dirt.

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