Robot Vacuums: Spotless Cleaning without the Hassle

Maintaining a clean house can be a key element in keeping yourself healthy. With the outbreak of a global pandemic, this is a fact that cannot be ignored. The shelter-in-place measures that were implemented can take time away from daily chores.

Professionals are working-from-home and kids are taking online schooling. There’s nobody left to do the simplest things like sweeping the floor. This is where the robot vacuum comes into play. It has made cleaning houses much easier despite everyone’s hectic schedules.

What Makes It Tick

Before buying one for yourself, it’s important to distinguish the good from the bad. Getting a robot vacuum for your home can be a worthwhile investment if you know what to look for. Here are some features that are often found only in the best products.

Knowing Its Way

Autonomous vehicles and robot vacuum cleaners have a lot in common. For one, most of the engineers that are currently designing many of the AVs used to work on the robot vacuums. They have even argued that it’s much more difficult to help a robot vacuum navigate inside a home than it is for an AV on the road.

There are a lot of different obstacles that a robot vacuum can run into inside the house. The most important thing for them is to not get stuck. Robots that are able to move continuously will surely cover more ground. Vacuum robots can either have semi-random or map-drawing navigation systems.

Semi-random systems are better for smaller spaces. This is when the robot spins in place at a random angle whenever it bumps into an object. More sophisticated map-drawing systems are more ideal for bigger homes. These use more sophisticated technology but it doesn’t necessarily make them more efficient.

Parts and Durability

There are other important factors to consider besides a bot’s ability to clean. Longevity also plays a part. Again, getting a vacuum robot should be an investment for any household. Investments, in turn, should be able to last years.

The need for repairs can vary from model to model. Some may go for years with little to no maintenance required. Other machines can malfunction just after a couple of months. While brushes and filters are readily available in any repair services for major brands like Dyson, other parts aren’t so common.

Consider buying models that have essential components like wheels and batteries that are easy-to-replace. Don’t go for the exclusive brands that house pieces of hardware that can only be found in specific shops.

Robot Vacuum

Miscellaneous Features and Functions

These are the more subjective aspects of a robot vacuum. Certain elements can help improve the performance or convenience of a bot. For instance, having improved connectivity to the Wi-Fi can be useful for a lot of people on-the-go. Being able to start or stop the vacuum from cleaning at a press of a button can be appealing for many.

Battery life and the noise that a bot generates are also factors to consider. A longer running robot vacuum is able to cover more spaces and clean more effectively. Bots that produce too much noise while making their rounds can prove to be a nuisance when you’re working or watching TV.

The way the robot vacuum is designed can affect how it cleans an area. Round bots are less likely to get into tight corners compared to D-shaped cleaners. A robot that’s too tall will be unable to get into spaces under the couch or countertops. Taking these seemingly little things into consideration to inform your decision can have significant effects.

Not a Speck in Sight

Robot vacuums will definitely take care of your home if you take care of it as well. It will need some maintenance now and then. Check on the filter every few sessions to see if it needs to be replaced. Clear the brushes if you notice that something’s caught in them. Monitor its mechanisms to see if it’s still functioning properly.

Many people can attest that getting a robot vacuum cleaner can be life-changing. Sometimes the most mundane chores can take up too much out of your day. The convenience that these automatic floor cleaners can provide will save precious amounts of time that you would rather spend elsewhere.

Despite the shelter-in-place measures being in effect, a lot of individuals and families still feel like there’s less and less time for them to just relax and interact in a given day. The delicate work-life balance that the old, normal operations allowed has virtually been replaced.

Robot vacuums can have big impacts regardless of their small size. Cleaning expansive areas of the house will become more regular, thorough, and hassle-free. Once your home gets blessed with the wonders of these machines, you will wonder how you managed through life without them.

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