Walking Down the Aisle: The Secret to Having the Perfect Wedding

Some people dream about having the perfect wedding from the moment they witness their first ceremony. The mere thought of seeing brides wearing pristine white dresses and walking down the aisle to reach their soon-to-be spouses can be enough to bring tears to their eyes.

It’s even better when they finally get their turn to tie the knot with the love of their life because it will be a dream come true. But to get to that point where everyone’s eyes are on them, and nothing else requires hard work, which is why many people try to seek out the secret behind the perfect weddings.

However, perfection is overrated. No matter how much you try to plan your wedding day’s events, there will always be something that falls short of perfection. So when you hope for perfection and it doesn’t bode well, it can ruin your wedding day for the rest of your life.

Redefining the “Perfect” Wedding

Of course, no one can blame you for wanting everything to be how you envisioned it in your mind. You have spent months or even years planning this single day down to the last detail, and knowing that it can just fall apart with one mistake is devastating.

Still, that shouldn’t stop you from making this day memorable. And to do that, you will need to redefine what perfection means. Once you have ingrained in your mind that despite everything that goes wrong, getting married to the love of your life is the one thing that can go right, then you might be okay.

Try not to take things too seriously and instead take them all in stride. When things start turning awry, you can always wing your way through it by putting your troubleshooting skills to the test. Besides, anything too perfect is boring because they won’t make great storytelling to your future kids.

The Long Sought-out Secret to Perfection

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The only secret to having the “perfect” wedding is to follow whatever you and your partner’s heart desires. Your wedding doesn’t need expensive decorations that cost a fortune or to be tagged as “the wedding of the century” for it to be perfect, especially if you don’t want it to be grandiose.

Your wedding can be as simple as getting hitched in city hall with only you and your future spouse along with a few witnesses. Or it can be as big and loud as having both sides of the family be there to witness how two parts of a whole become one.

And what you wear to your own wedding depends on your preferences as well. If you enjoy the idea of spending your day trying on wedding gowns or three-piece suits in a boutique with your closest friends, then go ahead and do that. But if you want to wear what your parents wore when they got married, then you are completely free to do so.

Remember that what is perfect for you may not be perfect for others, but since it’s your special day, the only opinion that matters is you and your future spouse’s. So don’t try to please everyone by accommodating what they want to have in your wedding — do what’s best for you and you only.

Creating a Memorable Ceremony

How you look back on your wedding day for the rest of your life greatly depends on your attitude towards everything that happens. It can either be one of the best days you have ever had, or it can be a day that you never want to talk about again.

Every person has their share of bad days, but just because something goes wrong on your wedding day doesn’t make it a wasted memory. How you react is the most important thing in such situations. For instance, bird poop suddenly falls out of the sky and onto your shoulders as you were saying your vows.

That is a big possibility in outdoor and uncovered venues, so you might want to consider that. Going back to the topic, if you brush off the incident and laugh at the absurdity of the situation, then you can remember it as a funny thing that happened at your wedding.

But if you get upset over the incident and storm off in the middle of the ceremony to clean yourself up, it might turn the atmosphere sour. Not only will the memory be horrible for you, but also for all the people who were there to witness your emotional breakdown.

It’s okay to hope for your wedding to be perfect because it only happens once in a lifetime. But what’s not okay is to hope for perfection so much that you take the fun and spontaneity out of the wedding to turn all your plans into a reality. Leave some room for errors because the best memories happen unexpectedly.

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