Sending Help: Three Types of People Who Are Really Hard to Buy Gifts For

Giving gifts is supposed to be fun. One, you get to go shopping and discover cute stuff in boutique stores. Two, you can make a friend or a loved one happy and special. But when birthdays and holidays roll in, the not-so-fun thing happens: You simply don’t know what to give. You have probably encountered this problem finding presents for these kinds of people:

Someone who already has everything

Everybody has that friend who has their needs and wants covered. In fact, they don’t expect to receive anything already. But, of course, as a good friend, you want to make them feel extra loved on their birthday or on special occasions. So what do you do to get out of this dilemma?

Instead of thinking about material objects they can get for themselves, focus on creating memories with them. That’s a gift that would only come with you in the picture. As a gift, you can, for instance, plan an out-of-town trip, to Phoenix or Colorado. Promise your friend that since it’s their special day, you’re going to be the driver all throughout and that they will just sit back and chill in the passenger’s seat. You can stop over every now and then, exploring the streets and towns you chance upon. Make room for some diversions from your planned route also. The best memories are formed from spontaneous activities. Be flexible in your trip.

Someone you respect in the workplace


There are so many layers of struggles in finding a present for the boss. You want it to be casual to make it a little personal, but not too casual that it becomes sloppy and unthoughtful. In some instances, you want the present to be humorous, but you’re not sure how they’re going to take the joke. When you want to give them something useful, you feel like they have everything they need already.

The safest gift to give your boss is one that appeals to their interests. It’s personal but not sloppy. It could be humorous, making them laugh based on their hobbies. For sure, it’s going to paint a smile on their faces. Most importantly, it’s handy. Remember the times your boss mentioned about their hobbies in your meetings. Their weekend-routine of fishing, fascination over vinyl records, collection of stamps, etc. Pick something from their interests and make that your present. Consider finding unique gifts from Phoenix boutique stores.

Someone you barely know

You may have heard about the hobbies of your boss, but what about that officemate you always run into in the pantry? Your daughter’s piano teacher? Your stepmom who is just about to be introduced to you this coming Thanksgiving? How do you give gifts to people you barely know?

In these instances, your best bet in your gifts are the daily life essentials. They can be things they can use for their home, such as potted plants, candles, vases, or mugs. You can give them something that they can use for their body, such as skincare products, socks, or scarves. You can also choose things that they can use for their job, such as Post-its, journal notebooks, or planners. The bottom line is that you should give them something useful.

Giving gifts can sometimes be a real struggle, especially when you’re buying for a boss, a friend who has everything, or someone you barely know. If you find yourself in this situation, go back to this guide to bring back the fun in gift giving.

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