Setting up Rules for Your Backyard Swimming Pool

Summer is almost upon us. While we’re all asked to quarantine ourselves at home, there’s nothing better to do than splash around the backyard swimming pool if you have one. But before organizing a pool party for your kids or having guests over (if you are allowed), make sure that safety protocols and measures are in place. Brief your kids and guests on what constitutes safety hazards in the pool area.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your pool and deck are ready for summer. Use a concrete pool deck sealer to improve the deck’s appearance. This will prevent fading and stains caused by the sun’s UV rays and pool chemicals. You should also apply a nonslip additive to make the deck less slippery even when wet.

Share the Pool Safety Guidelines

Gather your family around the pool area. Talk to them about the importance of pool safety and rules. Hand out a copy of the rules to the family members. Ask them to read the rules and raise questions if they have any. The purpose of talking about this as a family is to drive home the importance of pool safety. Another thing that you should ask them to do is to research about particular accidents that can happen if they are not careful in the pool area. This should make them appreciate more the value of following your safety rules.

Send the Copy of the Rules to Your Guests

If you are having guests over for a pool party, email a copy of the pool safety rules to them beforehand. Tell them that this is to ensure that you’ll have a fuss-free and accident-free event. No one wants to get into accidents. They have to understand why following the rules is important.

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For a pool party with little kids in attendance, make sure that there’s also a schedule for adult supervision. There should always be at least one adult who will supervise the pool area and the kids. During the party, make copies of the rules and hand them to your guests. Post a copy near the pool area, too, so that everyone is reminded of the rules. However you want to spread this information, make sure that adults and children understand why they are valuable.

Learn First Aid and Resuscitation

One of the first things you should know after the installation of a backyard swimming pool is first aid and resuscitation. Parents, guests, and even your teenage kids should know how to conduct first aid during emergencies. First aid and CPR skills should be updated every three years, so make sure that you refresh your knowledge about it.

If you are not certified to give first aid, ask some of your guests if they know anyone you can invite for this purpose. Even if you are imposing strict safety rules around the pool, it’s important to have someone there to assist if you need it. This will put your mind at ease.

As the pool and homeowner, you are responsible for the safety of your family and your kids. Having a pool in your backyard isn’t just about frolicking there during summer. It’s a responsibility that you should take seriously.

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