Smart Small Space Storage Solutions When Moving to a Tinier Apartment

Most people equate downsizing to living a much simpler life, switching from a spacious living space to somewhere more compact and, in most cases, more practical. In Melbourne, the real process, which includes the preparation and discussion of your move with interstate furniture removalists as well as the actual day of your move, is anything but simple. Since you’ll be moving to a home with more limited floor space, you have to carefully select which of your current belongings you’ll take with you and which ones you’ll have to toss in the trash.

Fortunately, you won’t really have to give up on storage space. Even with less square footage available for you to work your magic, you still have plenty of storage solutions to choose from when you’re downsizing. Here, you can try some ideas that can be helpful for the storage of your belongings when you move to a tinier apartment:

Go for Wall Racks and Vertical Doors

Prevent clutter from completely overtaking your apartment space by purchasing storage solutions such as over-the-door shoe organizers, wire kitchen doors, and wall racks among others. Vertical shoe storage is available everywhere–whether in-store or online–and often includes plastic or cloth cubbies. In most cases, these pieces can store up to 24 pairs of shoes or more. You can also look for customizable door and wall rack systems which are made of steel for that sturdy feel. These can be used to store a variety of pieces such as gift wraps and pantry staples.

Add Shelving above the Toilets

A small bathroom filled with towels on the floor and a bunch of toiletries and other essentials under the vanity is the last thing you’d want for this special space for all your personal hygiene activities. To save your bathroom and powder rooms from all the clutter, put up a shelf right above your toilet. However, if you don’t own the apartment or are still renting and have no freedom to put free-floating shelves on the walls, look for a standing shelf unit that fits perfectly in your bathroom. By doing this, you will have more floor space in your bathroom and can additional shelves in your vanity.

Put up Bookshelves on Your Walls

bookshelf in the bedroom

A small, seemingly grim-looking living room can turn into your favorite spot in the house by giving your empty wall a makeover. Turn this space into a top-to-bottom mini library for all your best reads. Not only will this give you plenty of storage opportunities, but this will also give your room a luxurious, more elegant and sophisticated look without costing a lot. It’ll have such a bold statement in your room. Take it to the next level by choosing a rich color and adding molding for a more polished look.

Opt for Coffee Tables and Ottomans

Your ottomans and coffee tables can also act as storage if you used the right way. These are practical items you can use for your long hours of TV viewing on weekends. Look for coffee tables that have drawers or storage ottoman for that multi-functional vibe. You can store your blankets, shoes, mails, and kids’ toys in these.

These are only some of the various things you can do to your apartment. You just have to squeeze all that creative and practical brain juices. By choosing the right furniture and design, you can turn your tiny apartment into a home that is both stylish and pragmatic.

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