How to Save Money With Technology

Some people still believe that new technology is always going to be expensive. Fortunately, this statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

Although some types of tech devices will set you back a few dollars, not all new technology is designed this way. Most modern technology is priced at a rate that makes it available to buy for the average person. Your smartphone is one example.

As technology advances further, systems and hardware eventually become more affordable. But if you’re after the most recent innovations, there are ways to save (or even earn money) with technology, particularly for mobile phones.

Read on to find out how.


It may sound shocking, but almost 92 percent of the UK population now carries a smartphone. These devices are used to make calls and text, but you can also download apps to help you in your daily life. Some of these are innocuous time wasters, but others are useful bits of tech.

One such app is the money savings app. Plenty of companies have invested in some kind of app that helps the user keep track of their money. Since you probably already have a smart device, why not download one of these money saving apps to keep a better eye on your finances. Use it to shift money to a different account, keep an eye on investments or place a spending cap on yourself.

Whatever you choose to use it for, newer technology is working to help us all save money in some capacity. So how can you earn some money using your mobile phone?

Change Your Phone Provider

Not every mobile phone deal is going to be optimized to suit your financial situation. Some people are happy to select a phone that they think is cool and sign up to it no matter the cost. As such, they end up with a poor service that costs twice what they can afford.

Fortunately, some companies do provide good phone service at a reasonable rate. Always research the market before signing up to use a mobile service, as there are ways to earn money with some plans.

Also, work out what you need the phone for before signing on to a package. There is no need to sign up to a plan that offers 100 GB of free data if you aren’t going to surf the web.

Take, for example, Lebara’s refer a friend scheme. This system allows their customers to earn cash online every time they refer a new person to their service. It is a solid way to earn money from home by doing very little. If you find yourself coming up short at the end of the month, perhaps it is time you found a new phone provider.

Use Energy Saving Tech

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Moving away from the world of smartphones, let’s look at some of the technology in the home that can save you some money.

The big push now is making sure everybody’s home is environmentally friendly. You may think that all this updating is a hassle; however, it could save you some money in the long run.

Energy saving light bulbs are designed to emit more light, but they use less power in the process. Kitting out your home with these bulbs can save you money on your energy bills, while helping to save the environment at the same time.

You can also take it one step further by adopting eco-friendly phone chargers and fitting smart sockets. Some amendments may come with an upfront cost, they can considerably lower your monthly electricity bills.

Stop Going to the Gym

Going to the gym is a great way to stay in shape, and you should certainly engage in regular exercise. However, a monthly gym membership is very expensive. This is especially true if you only use some of the equipment.

Instead of hoofing it to the local gym every day, why not invest in some home exercise machines. Again, this approach comes with a huge initial cost, but will save you money on monthly membership instalments. Most new exercise machines are fitted with the latest technology, which makes them just as effective as those found at the gym. Furthermore, you could save some money on the petrol needed to get you to the gym in the first place.

If you have the space in your home, it is far more cost effective to cut the cord with your gym and invest in your own equipment.

Use Your New Devices Wisely

Once again, it is time to circle back to our portable friend: the smartphone. The smartphone can save you money with apps and by referring friends to your provider, but there is so much more to it than that.

There are so many uses for a smartphone that it almost makes a lot of other technology obsolete. If you can’t afford a laptop, you can use your smartphone to send emails.

Are you spending a lot of money on books each month? Download an e-reader and consume your books that way. The smartphone can even be used to watch TV and play games.

Try to use your smartphone in ways that cut down on costs.  Keep it charged and this piece of tech can give you the savings boost you need.

Be a Tech Savvy Saver

Technology has become a necessary part of everyday life. But this does not have to mean breaking the bank. From your mobile phone to your laptop to your home devices, consumer tech can be easy on the pocket. You just have to be as savvy with your purchases and usage as you are with the digital products you pick.

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