Telltale Signs Your Home Is Becoming an Unhealthy Place

Your home is supposed to make you feel safe. It’s supposed to make you feel alive and healthy. It’s the place where comfort is the greatest. But there are some occasions where home is actually that one thing that makes people fall ill.

You might be that homeowner who is obsessed with making every nook and cranny clean. Despite that, you may feel that your efforts are an exercise in futility. Certain types of dirt, smell, and mark reappear even after your clean. When this constantly happens, you will need to change your strategy.

For one, you need to give your home a thorough inspection. Only after the assessment will you be able to tune it up, like having the porch repaired or the windows replaced. When it comes to this, you need to watch out for some signs that your home is actually making you and your family sick. Below are some of the things you may want to take note of:

There is too much moisture at your home

Moisture is a normal occurrence at home and in other places. Common sources at home are your bathrooms and kitchen. However, things become much more problematic when the moisture level is beyond normal. When the moisture is too much, pests, such as molds and mildews, will thrive, thus making your home quite unsafe. Molds and mildews can cause allergies and certain inconveniences. Control the moisture at your home by using a dehumidifier or an air-conditioner.

You don’t clean the home’s vents and ducts

Dust out from Air Duct

The problem with many homeowners is that they only clean what’s visible. Unseen nooks and crannies of your home need some thorough cleaning, too. These include vents and ducts. These parts of your home are places where dust accumulates. When you turn on your fan, air-conditioner, and even home heaters, the dust particles get disturbed and redistributed around the house. With this in mind, you need to clean your home’s ducts and vents regularly. You can do it yourself, but for difficult and quite dangerous areas, it would be wise to work with professionals, as they have the necessary tools.

You’re using harmful household cleaners

While you may be the most dedicated home cleaner out there, chances are you are still doing things wrong. Have you checked your household cleaners? You may be using the wrong ones – you know, the types that have harmful chemicals. Many cleaning solutions and equipment may have ingredients that can harm your family’s airway and lungs. Some of them may also cause allergies or similar symptoms. With this in mind, you may consider going for organic ingredients. You may even choose to make your own solutions.

Your home is old

You might be living in an old home or apartment. While historic properties have this certain appeal, you need to be careful about living in one of them. This is because some old homes may be built using dangerous materials, such as lead and asbestos. Some old properties may also have radon. To make sure, consider having your home thoroughly assessed by professionals.

You have too many things at home

Have you checked the condition of your storage areas? Have you counted how many things are at your home? If you see that your home is slowly becoming messy and cluttered, there’s a great chance that you’ve been bringing in a lot of things. When that happens, remember what Marie Kondo asks her clients: does this spark joy? When you say “No,” consider throwing or giving it away.

Time for a change

Be honest when assessing the state of your home. At the end of the day, your goal is to make your home a safe and healthy place to live in. When you think it’s time for a change, by all means, proceed with your plan to make your space a better one.

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