The Best Ways to Get Ski Clothes for Lower Prices

Most people may find skiing an expensive activity. Going to a ski resort would cost a lot, lift tickets are not cheap, and equipment rental is expensive. However, it does not mean you have to spend a fortune on your ski wear as well.

There are a lot of bargains for inexpensive but high-quality ski clothes everywhere if you know how to find them.

Time your purchase

Timing is everything when you are looking for great deals on almost any product, and ski clothes are no exception. If you are waiting for a North Face, Columbia or Spyder ski jacket sale, you are most likely to come upon them postseason.

The best ski clothes deals can be found in March, when companies and shops are looking to get rid of last year’s inventory to make way for new stocks for the year. The discounted prices may continue until June, especially online. You may also consider shopping in the beginning of fall, when most people are not so keen about skiing yet. In ski towns, shops are likely to hold big sales before they close down shortly after the mountain is closed to skiing during “mud season”.

Look for local ski swaps

Most outdoor gear retailers, ski shops, and even skiing communities host a ski swap each year. Here, store customers and ski enthusiasts get to sell their own gear at garage-sale prices. You could find any ski equipment in a ski swap, like snowboards, skis, poles, bindings, boots and clothes, all of which can be brand new or used. Similar to garage-sales, the best pickings run out early on, so you might want to get here pretty early. There are also ski swaps online.

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Check out online shops

Online shops, like Amazon and Overstock, are great sources for discounts and offer amazing deals on brand-name ski clothes for kids and adults. Online winter sports retailers often sell their goods from last season at clearance prices too. You can also check out websites, like The House’s clearance store and Sierra Trading Post, that are specifically dedicated to selling goods at clearance prices. However, you might want to avoid buying ski boots online, since it is best that you try them on to make sure they fit right.

Try “discount designer” stores

Stores that distribute designer products, such as Ross, Nordstrom Rack, Loehmann’s and T.J. Maxx, also offer brand-name sports gear for highly-discounted prices. Athletic gears in these stores can be a lot cheaper than buying directly from brand stores all-year round, but ski clothes (and all winter sports gear) are especially cheaper during the fall.

Buy from rental shops

Ski rental shops usually hold annual or semi-annual sales offseason, where you can buy old ski boots and other ski equipment for very low prices. But since these are rental stuff, most of the items can be pretty beat-up. However, large rental dealers often have brand new ski clothes that they have to move out after the season as well.

Skiing is a highly seasonal activity, so ski clothes are a highly seasonal merchandise, too. This is the main thing to note when looking for the best ski wear deals, since they tend to be cheapest offseason no matter where and how you buy them.

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