The Couch Potato’s Survival Guide To Losing Weight

Although being a couch potato and losing weight aren’t two words you’ll often see used in the same sentence, you might be surprised at what a determined mind can get done. And, despite it sounding totally unbelievable, there are simple changes you can make to your daily routine and everyday habits that can make even the laziest and not as workout-centric people lose weight.

You see, going to the gym and participating in regular physical activity is just one piece of the healthy lifestyle pie. While it definitely helps with muscle growth, it’s going to take more than just resistance training to reach an optimal physique. Of course, we’re not concerned with reaching optimal form. Instead, we’ll use all the other parts to help the laziest or busiest people lose the weight they desire.

Disclaimer: We Don’t Promote Laziness

Don’t get the wrong idea; we are still strong advocates of regular physical activity, and it’s much better if you do your workouts. So, don’t take this the wrong way and conjure it up as an excuse to be lazy and not go to the gym when you’re more than capable of sparing the time and putting in the work. We are by no means promoting laziness. These methods cater to those who either don’t have the time to work out or aren’t as fond of exercise to get a healthy-looking body.

#1 Focus On What You Eat

You’ve most probably heard the saying, “Abs are built in the gym, but are revealed in the kitchen,” and while it may sound like some bro-talk you hear from a gym-junkie, this statement is actually very true. When it comes to getting that lean and ripped physique, many magazine cover men portray, only 30% of that is owed to the work they put in weight training, and nearly 70% comes from a healthy diet. So, before you satisfy your sweet cravings, you might want to consider getting a salad first.

  • More Greens, Less Junk: If you aren’t the type to enjoy meal planning, you can always be more mindful of your food by choosing more greens and less junk. Try to incorporate fruits and veggies into your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and you’ll start to see changes to your body soon enough.
  • Smaller Portion Sizes: Math always remains true, and applying the simple difference between calories in and calories out suggests that you eat smaller portion sizes. Less on your plate means less the body needs to burn, so you don’t end up with any excess calories waiting to turn into fat.
  • Drink Water: Let’s be real, we’re all suckers for easy snacks like chips and biscuits, and whenever we don’t full that right amount of fullness, we instinctively take a bite. However, these small amounts here and there do add up, so take it from us and drink more water if you’re ever feeling not as full.

#2 Get A Little Bit More Movement


While we did say these methods can work for couch potatoes, we never said you could just lay around and expect change to happen by some magic trick. Movement is key, and you’ll want to shake that booty if you want real progress. Every small bit counts, so take that extra flight of stairs.

  • Stretch Your Body: Stretching isn’t only an excellent way to promote good blood circulation. It’s also great at fighting stiffness and just so happens to be the same movement you need. So, take the time to stretch in the morning, after long hours of sitting, and right before you sleep.
  • Take Extra Steps: Of course, working your legs and glutes will promise better results, but even taking those extra steps will add up. When you have the choice to make more rounds inside the house or can opt to walk instead of driving, take the opportunity!

#3 Avoid Stress

Stress is your enemy. Not only is it bad for your mental health, but it also affects your physical body. It can trigger binge eating, make you lose much-needed sleep, and encourage you to add unnecessary layers to the beer belly. Stress is just a big no-no, and unless it comes from productive work, you’re better off unwinding and practicing meditation.

For starters, we recommend making your bedroom a place for rest and not for work, so get yourself new covers and some carpet fitters to make it more inviting for relaxation. Second, you’ll want to fix your schedule and practice better time management so that you can net yourself some much-need “me-time.”

Let 2021 Be The Year For Change

2021 should be a year dedicated to change, transition, and progress, and if you’ve been struggling with weight loss, then these methods are sure to help in the long-term. Go at your own pace, and we wish you all the luck!

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