The Problems We Encounter With Physical Appearances

In our lifetime, we inevitably encounter numerous problems as we age. This is why our problem-solving skills are considered to be one of the most important skills to possess. This is because they help us gauge whatever it is that is broken before we contemplate the various ways that we can fix the broken.

We all know that some of these problems won’t take much effort to fix. They can even be considered inconsequential due to the minimum repercussions they bear. A few good examples of such problems would be forgetting to submit your homework for your Advanced Calculus class, or even locking yourself out of your own apartment.

Others are far graver, however. They vary in terms of the consequences they bring or the work needed to solve them. What they do have in common is how many of these problems we carry along with us for the rest of our lives.

One of these problems would be with how we perceive and treat ourselves. Consequently, something that can affect how we see ourselves is our physical attributes and how others judge us based on these attributes.

Placing Utmost Care in Physical Appearances

For the longest time, we humans have been treating our physical appearance and health with the utmost care. After all, this can be considered an essential part of our journey in self-improvement. Among the things that Salt Lake residents can do to further progress in this journey is making some lifestyle changes.

Maybe bettering your diets and exercise routines, which is a tried and tested way. But some aesthetic choices can be done as well, like the occasional haircuts or hair dyes, and even cosmetic surgery like laser hair removal procedures and botox treatments here in Salt Lake City.

These changes are accepted and expected in our society. Many of us put great stock in our physical appearances. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In a healthy dose, caring about what we look like isn’t narcissism.

Furthermore, if the procedures we go through to better ourselves are safe, legal and help boost our self-esteem, then we shouldn’t let ourselves be hindered by the opinions of others.

When Beauty Becomes Problematic

Unhappy Teenage Girl Sitting On Floor Looking At Bathroom Scales

There comes a point, however, when the importance we place on physical attributes can turn malicious. This is when we let our subjective views on what is considered to be the ideal physical appearance cloud our judgment regarding other things.

A notable example would be how those who are objectively attractive are regarded to be ‘better’ than other people. Experts believe that this way of thinking hints towards the existence of the Physical Attractiveness Theory.

As harmless as the name may sound, the Physical Attractiveness Theory enforces the ‘what is beautiful is good’ bias. This way of thinking can affect essential aspects of living, such as employment and relationships.

This is supported by a study conducted by the American Economic Review. In this study, it has been found that women who wear makeup make 30% more than those who don’t. Another study from the George Washington University has found that people who are overweight or obese are paid less than those who have lower BMIs.

In fact, the numbers point that it’s around eight thousand dollars a year for obese women and almost five thousand for men.

Given all of this, a balance should be maintained. There is nothing wrong with caring for one’s physical appearances, but we should never let personal ideas cloud our judgment.

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