The Stress of Divorce

When people make the promise to love each other on their wedding day they seldom think of the things that would breakdown that relationship in the long run. While divorce is an incredibly stressful event for everyone involved, the factors that make up the grounds for divorce themselves build up a high level of stress in the relationship, and the individual for a long time. Divorce solicitors in Guildford understand what clients go through even before they walk through the doors of their offices and what it must take to reach that point in the first place which is why kindness and understanding are a big part of dealing with each case as it is never easy nor is it quick.

The effects of emotional stress

Stress in the UK costs the economy £71.1m per year and with divorce on the rise thanks to an unprecedented lockdown, that number is only likely to go up, but what effect does stress have on the human body? Ongoing stress that is often found in the breakdown of a relationship and the proceeding divorce has a negative effect on mental health as feelings of anxiety rise lowering overall mood which could lead people to sink into a depression. Dealing with the ins and outs of divorce is hard enough without having to worry about one’s own mental health which is why many people seek the aid of solicitors to help them deal with divorce so that they may take better care of themselves and their health as long term stress weakens the immune system which opens people up to other illnesses.

Solicitors can help

getting a divorce

By receiving easy to understand and clear legal advice, clients can alleviate the feelings of stress that comes with the uncertainty of divorce. When a solicitor is there on the side of their clients making sure that they have the full might of the law on their side as well as on the side of any children involved it can help put a client’s mint at ease. Other types of advice that can be offered by solicitors are financial which can often be a burden for many people.

By taking over communication between spouses, in the event that one spouse no longer wishes to interact with the other, a solicitor can help mediate a difficult relationship that causes stress to the individual, this may also help protect an individual from being put at risk of injury if the other spouse is particularly abusive, in this case, a solicitor may help acquire a restraining order on the grounds of domestic violence which can place an injunction on the abusive individual which stops them from going near the spouse who is under great of violence, this can help alleviate a lot of stress for domestic abuse sufferers who are trying to get a divorce through the system.

Dealing with divorce problems swiftly will allow clients to move on with their lives and leave stress behind them, it is the solicitor’s role to see that things are done fairly and within the restraints of the law and to see that their clients come out on top.

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