Things You Did Not Know Are Ruining Your Health and Wellness

Health-conscious individuals always make it a point to only buy products that will help them improve their health and wellness. They are extra careful when making food choices. They exercise daily and tries to get their daily dose of sleep. But what many people are guilty of is allowing seemingly innocent items to ruin their health.

Home is where we spend most out of our time after a busy day at work or school. It only makes sense that we try to make it a healthy live space for the family. Are you guilty of allowing the following items to stop you from achieving your health and wellness goals?


Some people have been using the same old mattress for many years now. Even if you can easily fall asleep after lying down in your bed, that does not guarantee that you will have a good night’s sleep. There are times when the reason for your unexplained exhaustion even after hours of sleep is your bed.

Your bed can cause you pain if it does not provide enough support. If you think a bad bed is one that is too stiff, then you are wrong. Not all beds that are super soft are actually good for you.

An old and unsupportive bed can cause pain, discomfort, and inability to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The same goes for your failure to change your bed sheet, blanket, and pillowcases. If you always sleep on your bed, then it is crucial that you wash them weekly especially if you have allergies and your pet sleeps on your bed.

When investing in a new bed, experts recommend skipping the thrift store. This is since you can end up welcoming lice, bedbugs, and other pests into your home. You are better off buying a brand-new one from a reliable mattress store.


You may be one who changes your toothbrushes every three months. You take our time picking out the best toothbrush for our family. Some even invest in expensive electric toothbrushes for extra measures.

But did you know that many people already got sick because of their toothbrushes? Various viruses, bacteria, and other nasty disease-causing germs can reside in your toothbrush. Failure to take great care of your toothbrush can lead to your illness.

Experts recommend that you rinse your toothbrush in hot water after every use. Air dry your toothbrush away from the toilet. It also helps if each of your family members gets to use a different tube of toothpaste to avoid germs from passing from one toothbrush to another.

toilet sink

Household Cleaning Products

Many people are very particular with the items they use to clean their house. It does not matter if the brand they use costs more than other cleaning products in the market. As long as they get the job done and it satisfies their cleaning needs, they stick to those brands.

But what you thought is keeping your home clean and healthy could already be making you ill. Many artificial household cleaners in the market contain harmful substances for people and animals. The last thing we want is our little ones and pets accidentally getting their hands on such toxic substances.

It is time that you rethink your household cleaning products and checks if these carry the Safer Choice logo. This ensures the cleaning products you are buying are of high quality and are made from safe ingredients. If you want the more eco-friendly cleaning solutions, choose natural and organic cleaners or whip some yourself.

Vacuum Cleaner

Most homeowners have their own vacuum cleaners to keep the house clean and debris-free. This is crucial if you live somewhere where dirt and pollen are always ruining your health. The same goes when you live with your pets.

An ordinary vacuum may not be enough to get all the dirt out of your home. Thankfully, there now exist better vacuum cleaners with high-efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) filters. Of course, you still need to replace the filters and clean your vacuum bag if there are any as regularly as possible.

Failure to change your filters will make it harder for your vacuum to work as efficiently as possible. The vacuum’s motor will burn out and this can lead to damage. So, make sure you take great care of your vacuum if you want to last longer and stay efficient.

The four items on the list are supposed to help you improve your health. But if you are not careful about how you use, clean, and maintain these items, these can end up becoming your source of illness. Be careful when choosing what items you bring at home or you can end up compromising your own family’s health and wellness.

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