Things You Need to Know Before Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are probably one of the most consistent wedding trends each year. They’re more affordable than indoor weddings since it only takes awesome landscaping to complete a wedding venue. In fact, many plan their couple’s getaway nearby the venue for a safe and convenient overnight stay.

While outdoor weddings are known for their intimate atmosphere, they also require considerable planning in case of unpredictable weather situations. With that in mind, we’ll list down the important considerations when planning an outdoor wedding.

Be clear about the venue

Having an outdoor venue will affect every aspect of your wedding, including the guests. Depending on the venue, your guest will consider the type of attire they will wear to make themselves comfortable from the ceremony to the reception.

If you mention in the invitation that you’ll be having the wedding at noon near the beach, this will send a message that they should wear something lightweight and breezy, such as a sundress, parasol, or a romper. If the wedding will be held under the stars, your guests may consider bringing a wrap to keep themselves warm.

Consider the lighting

You will need a lighting expert if you decide to have the wedding at night. Lighting techniques aren’t just about highlighting the decor; they also affect the ambiance and overall feel of the wedding venue.

Dark areas won’t only make the decors look unappealing, they pose safety risks, especially at night. So ensure all pathways to restrooms, exits, and the reception is adequately illuminated.

Remind everyone to wear a sunscreen

If the majority of your wedding event will take place under the sun, inform your guests to wear sunscreen before their arrival. For extra measure, remind them to wear items that provide sun protection, such as shades, an umbrella, a wide-brimmed hat, and lightweight clothing.

Additionally, make sure the powder rooms are nearby so guests can reapply their sunscreens throughout the day. For added creativity, print the wedding program on a fan so guests can use it to cool themselves. You may also rent a high-velocity electric fan in case the weather gets too hot.


Keep everyone hydrated

If you’re having a wedding in the middle of the scorching summer months, make sure to keep everyone dehydrated. This rule also applies to any type of wedding, but expect people will need more fluids for outdoor venues.

Keep water dispensers and the juice bar nearby so your guests won’t get thirsty before, during, and after the ceremony. The last thing you want is to have someone suffer from heatstroke during your wedding. Aside from the typical ice water, consider serving fruit juices or any flavored beverage. Don’t forget to include a box filled with ice cubes to help guests cool down faster.

Provide some shade

Most outdoor venues provide tents that include climate control features, such as heaters, ceiling fans, air conditioning, and a ventilation system. On rainy seasons, make sure the tents are durable, water-resistant, and have thick and weighted sides to prevent your guests from getting drenched. Still, the venue organizer should have a Plan B in case a heavy storm comes up. This means they can easily transfer your reception to an indoor area without much hassle.

Be careful of bugs

Even if they’re not invited, bugs will always find a way to crash your wedding. The good news is, there are clever ways to keep these sneaky critters from ruining your big day.

The best strategy is to hire a bug exterminator a few weeks before the wedding. They will come and spray the venue for three to four days until the bug infestation is under control. You may also use citronella candles or tiki torches for the lanterns to keep the bugs at bay and for an added romantic feel.

Keep everything simple

There are plenty of reasons outdoor weddings are very popular among couples. One of them is their effortless way of making venues look romantic without requiring a lot of decorations. In other words, you can always count on outdoor weddings as a cheaper yet intimate way of celebrating a wedding.

For that reason, it’s better not to go overboard with the decors if you opt for an outdoor venue. In the case of a garden ceremony, you can keep the decor minimal by sticking to a floral arch and a rose petalled carpet.

Outdoor weddings are probably one of the best ways to celebrate your big day, but they also come with considerations. The planning process itself can be challenging, but a few planning tactics can make it truly a success!

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